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The Advent Calendar

SLURP Calendar 2021

Limited Edition – Free delivery

The SLURP advent calendar comes directly from Finland, the land of Santa Claus and passionate coffee drinkers! Forget disappointing chocolate calendars and look forward to 24 delicious coffees from 17 different Finnish speciality roasters.

Each bag contains 60 g of carefully selected and freshly roasted filter coffee. Just the right amount to brew a pot (1 litre) of coffee with your filter coffee machine. High-quality light, medium and dark roasts that will bring you delightful moments every day during Advent until Christmas Eve.

A delicious coffee surprise awaits you behind each door! Information about the individual coffees will be published on this page starting from 01.12.

What does the calendar include?

  • The SLURP Advent Calendar is a pretty box with 24 bags of coffee, each containing 60 g. Also great as a gift!
  • Choose whether you wish to have your coffees as whole beans or filter ground.
  • The calendar includes light roasted, medium roasted and dark roasted coffees which we have selected for you with love.

The SLURP Advent Calendar is a limited edition

The coffees are roasted just before delivery so that they arrive as fresh as possible. Delivery is at the end of November, so you'll receive your calendar just in time for the advent season!

The delivery from Finland is made with DHL, the shipping costs are included in the price.

The Advent Coffees
+ Coffee #1

Heimar Collazos Light

Roaster: Kahwe, Joel Marttala

Roast level: Light

Flavour notes: Tropical fruits, highbush blueberry

This light, subtle Colombian makes the mouth water. The coffee tastes of tropical fruits and highbush blueberry, with a mild acidity that tickles the palate. An extremely pleasant and balanced beverage. Quite a light mouthfeel.

Origin: Colombia, Acevedo (Huila)

Producer: Heimar Collazos

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1550 m

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

+ Coffee #2

Colombia Anaerobic Orange Bourbon El Mirador

Roaster: Caffi, Teemu Meuronen

Roast level: Medium

Flavour notes: Tropical fruit, plum, citrus

El Mirador processes its coffee with care and uses modern working methods. Caffi's anaerobically (using carbonic maceration) processed Orange Bourbon gives the coffee a strong fruity and sweet citrus flavour. The result is stunning. Orange Bourbon is a washed coffee, which is fermented using the same carbon dioxide treatment as in wine-making. The addition of carbon dioxide into the process makes the end-result exceptionally sweet and refreshingly fruity.

The coffee is excellent in a filter coffee machine, but this coffee is also used by skilled baristas to make excellent espresso drinks.

Origin: Colombia, Huila

Farm: El Mirador

Producer: Elkin Ferney Guzman Vargas

Variety: Orange bourbon

Altitude: 1700-1900 m

Processing: Washed, anaerobic carbonic maceration

+ Coffee #3

Yirgacheffe Medium

Roaster: Abi Coffee, Micael

Roast level: Medium

Flavour notes: Wine, berries, flowers

Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee is cultivated at an altitude of 1,900–2,300 metres, and is processed by washing. Aromas of wine, berries and flowers can be savoured in Yirgacheffe. We import our Ethiopian coffee to Finland directly from the farmer without any intermediaries. Our coffee therefore not only offers a wonderful taste experience, but also the opportunity to contribute to the lives of Ethiopian coffee farmers. The origin of our coffee is completely traceable.

Origin: Ethiopia, Gedeb

Farm: Woreda, Geteme, Kebele

Producer: Shimelis Mekuria

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 1900–2300 m

Processing: Washed

+ Coffee #4

El Amate

Roaster: Kahiwa Coffee Roasters, Joonas Markkanen

Roast level: Light

Flavour notes: Boysenberry, milk chocolate, juicy

El Amate is named by a tree that has grown on this land for many years. Locally, this type of tree is known as a “water tree” because it only lives in relatively wet microclimates. Walfre inherited coffee farm from his parents, who passed along years of knowledge about the profession, and has proudly followed in their footsteps in to the world of coffee. Here at Kahiwa we believe that buying our coffees as straight from the farms as possible with a fair price, we are not only supporting the farmers in economic terms, but also enabling them to pour out their passion to the coffee.

Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Farm: El Amate

Producer: Walfre Benjamin Lopez

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo

Altitude: 1700 m

Processing: Washed

+ Coffee #5

Brazil Fazenda Passeio

Roaster: Turun Kahvipaahtimo, August Poutiainen

Roast level: Light

Flavour notes: Chocolate, raisin, nutty

This newcomer from Brazil is a really wonderful morning coffee, thanks to its light acidity. In our roastery, this coffee has surpassed many other more acidic and berry-flavoured premium coffees on the morning coffee scale. The coffee is processed using the ‘pulped natural’ method in which part of the fruit pulp is left on the surface of the bean during fermentation. Thanks to this, the cup of coffee has a subtle sweet note. Fazenda Passeio is a full-bodied, chocolatey and nutty coffee with a pleasantly mild acidity. Brazil

Origin: Monte Belo, Sul de Minas

Farm: Fazenda Passeio

Producer: Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira

Variety: Bourbon, Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Icatú

Altitude: 1100–1200 m

Processing: Pulped natural

+ Coffee #6

Nietos Blend

Roaster: Makea Coffee, Visa Tuovinen

Roast level: Medium

Flavour notes: Almond, cranberry, citrusy

This year’s Nietos Blend from Makea Coffee is from two different organic coffees. This coffee from the Honduran COMICOVEL farming community is roasted to a medium roast, bringing almond and a thick mouthfeel to it. The coffee, lovingly roasted by the Colombian farm La Pradera, crowns the cup with bright cranberry and the light funky sweetness of anaerobic fermentation. Nietos Blend is an excellent desert coffee.

Origin: Honduras, Opalaca / Colombia, Santander

Farm: COMICOVEL cooperative / Hacienda La Pradera

Producer: COMICOVEL cooperative / Oscar Daza Bautista

Variety: Lempira / Tabi

Altitude: 1500-1900 m

Processing: Washed / Anaerobic Natural

+ Coffee #7

Holmen HoHoHo

Roaster: Holmen Coffee, Arnd Brockmüller

Roast level: Dark

Flavour notes: Dried raisin, smoky caramel, fresh pepper

Every year Holmen's seasonal HoHoHo is different, just like Santa's gift route. For Holmen Coffee, Christmas coffee is about having even better coffee with hints of seasonal tastes. It's a yearly thing to find just the right mix of beans and new roast profile to create the perfect HoHoHo! A secret recipe formulated from Holmen's and Santa´s favorite coffee beans! Ho ho ho!

Origin: Costa Rica (Tarrazu), Papua New Guinea (Waghi Valley), Uganda (Mount Elgon)

Farm: Costa Rica & Uganda: small farmers, Papua New Guinea:Sigri Estate

Variety: Arabica

Altitude: 1300-2400 m

Processing: Washed / Natural

What our customers think

I am really glad I bought it! Our household really enjoyed having new coffees to try every day.

SLURP testimonial default picture woman
From Sweden

The calendar has definitely broadened our coffee horizons! We learned to appreciate different roast levels and were excited to learn more about coffee processing.

SLURP testimonial default picture man
From Finland

I really liked the high quality of the coffee and the very nice looking box! Absolutely recommended!

SLURP testimonial default picture man
From Germany
Advent calendar image
+ When are the coffees roasted?

The coffees will be roasted just before the deliveries at the end of November to ensure that you'll enjoy them as fresh as possible!

+ What are the roast levels?

The calendar includes light roasted, medium roasted and dark roasted coffees.

+ Can I choose between beans and ground?

Yes, you can choose between filter ground coffee or whole beans!

+ For which brewing method is the ground coffee suitable?

The grind is ideal for preparation with a filter coffee machine.

+ Are the coffees also suitable for espresso?

The beans are ideal for brewing as filter coffees. However, the medium and dark roasts can also be used to make espresso.