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Caffi – The Seekers of Great Flavour

Caffi – The Seekers of Great Flavour
10.05.2019 Maria Ariyo

Caffi’s aim is to offer customers fresh, delicious, sustainable coffees roasted by hand in small batches. With Caffi, the flavour is key.

The scent from the roastery chimney is intoxicating. The traditional drum roaster is rolling and the bright gas flame warms the beans carefully, just like planned. Slow and steady wins the race. Fresh, delicious, sustainable coffees roasted by hand in small batches and directly delivered to customers. That is why Caffi exists. And that is why these coffees have been tasted multiple times and the roast profiles have been tweaked. Flavour is key.

A few decades ago at the turn of the millennium, the coffee culture from the west coast of the United States had made its way to Finland. At the time, no one spoke of coffee varieties or different roasts or brewing methods. High-quality coffee varieties and filter coffee just weren’t sold in Finland. Mia and Petri Nieminen decided to change that. They had dreamt of good coffee and entrepreneurship for a long time. This launched a hobby, that turned into a job in 2006 when Mia and Petri opened up a store to sell rare single origin and single origin coffees in Iso Omena.

In 2008, Caffi started roasting coffee in the Flamingo store, which led to the founding of the artisan roastery in 2011. Nowadays, the roastery is in the Asko area in Lahti, in an old foundry building.

The passion for coffeePetri Nieminen

Caffi is a family company that is based on a passion for coffee. Coffee is more or less a lifestyle for all, who work there. It is just such a major thing. Coffee has also enchanted some of the newer Caffi-members. All available resources are used for researching and tasting coffee. It is both fun and interesting. We all have coffee on the brain!

For the past 10 years, Mia and Petri have used most of their waking hours to find good coffee. Both before sunrise and during the darkness of the night they have carried coffee bags to shelves and spent thousands of hours by the roaster. They have also tried plenty of samples and roasts with both big and small groups.

Nowadays Caffi employs 15 coffee professionals. they have also been quite successful in coffee competitions. This decade, Caffi coffees have been in every Finnish Barista Championship. In 2016 and 2017, they were the winning coffees and did well even in the World Championship. In 2018 Caffi’s Ethiopia Natural was selected as the best filter coffee and in 2019, their Colombia Cristalina was the Best Espresso. These achievements make Caffi one of the most successful roasteries in Finland.

The Caffi founders:

Mia Nieminen

Mia is an excellent coffee taster and accurate coffee brewer. She is surprisingly quick to try completely new brewing variations. Mia has trained multiple baristas and been a judge in national level coffee competitions.

Petri Nieminen

Petri is an uncompromising roaster, who is rarely satisfied and always works towards getting the best roast. Petri tries all the coffees and constantly looks for new beans to roast. Petri has also written the first comprehensive book about coffee in Finnish in 2014.
Caffin petri ja Mia


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