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Frukt Coffee Roasters

Frukt Coffee Roasters
24.02.2021 Maria Ariyo

Frukt Coffee Roasters is a modern coffee roastery founded at the end of 2018 in Turku. Frukt Coffee Roasters is focused on collaborating with partners who share similar values.

Frukt Coffee Roasters is a modern coffee roastery founded in Turku. Frukt was born out of the need to create a roastery with a modern approach in Turku, Finland and focusing on high-quality small-batch coffee beans. The idea is to focus on transparency in terms of the origin, cost structure and taste of the coffee.

Frukt roaster

Top coffees, pure flavours and memorable experiences. Professionally roasted. The underlying idea in the business is a forward-looking and constantly evolving view of what coffee can be. All coffees are light roasted and the focus is on the origin of the coffee, the purity of the taste and different nuances rather than on the darkness of roasting.

Neighbourhood roastery

The idea to establish a coffee roastery in Kakola started in 2017. Samuli Pääkkönen, the owner and roaster of Frukt Coffee Roasters, worked at the well-known The Coffee Collective roastery in Copenhagen. However, the idea of his own project in his hometown of Turku took him away and brought him back to Finland. Less than a year from that, Frukt Coffee Roasters was founded in the fall of 2018.

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The former prison area in Turku’s Kakolanmäki has been transformed into a neighbourhood combining old and new construction. A space for the roastery was located next to the Kakola Brewing Company, in the middle of a rising neighbourhood and service complex, in the newest residential area of Turku. Today, in addition to the brewery and roastery, the Kakola area includes a sourdough bakery Bageri Å, restaurant Kakolanruusu from the owners of Kaskis and Hotel Kakola, which opened its doors in autumn 2020. A co-operative café can be found on the premises of the neighbouring sour root bakery Bageri Å.

Loring S7 Nighthawk

Frukt roast

The coffees are roasted in small batches on a Loring S7 Nighthawk roaster. Loring has long been used by the best roasters in the world, and many roasters that have previously roasted with traditional drum roasters have switched to using the newer technology offered by Loring. Due to focusing more on hot air recirculation, the device is very energy efficient and has minimal emissions. Despite its small size and capacity of seven kilograms, the Loring S7 is also efficient to use when roasting numerous batches one after the other during a day. After all, many people think that the roasts end up tasting much cleaner and less toasty.

Focusing on high-quality coffees

When starting from excellent coffee, you need to focus on the essential, the raw coffee. Without good green coffee, you cannot achieve good coffee. Frukt Coffee Roasters is focused on making contacts and collaborating with partners who share similar values. Contacts established in the first year with La Real Expedición Botánica in Colombia and the few producers they represented led to most of the coffee being purchased from Colombia from thereon. Currently, many new projects are underway, such as a closer relationship with producers in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, represented by San Vicente, and hopefully in the future similar relationships with producers in Ethiopia and Kenya. Working with and supporting good producers is one of the most important things when it comes to offering quality coffee.

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