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Holmen Coffee

Holmen Coffee
22.11.2017 Maria Ariyo

Holmen Coffee is a Finnish coffee roastery, whose flavors have roots in Hamburg. The roastery’s goal is to offer Finns coffee that combines the fruity flavors of Finnish coffee to the softer coffees of Central Europe. At Holmen, they believe there is no such thing as bad coffee, just differing tastes.


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The roots of Holmen Coffee are in Hamburg

The founder of Holmen Coffee, Arnd Brockmüller was born in Hamburg, the second biggest city in Germany. Hamburg has one of the longest histories with coffee in Europe. They had public cafes even before Paris. Nowadays, Hamburg has a lively coffee scene with many excellent roasters and cafés. This is where Arnd Brockmüller started roasting coffee for himself and his friends.

When Arnd moved to Finland, he had a hard time finding a coffee that suited his tastes. He used to bring bags of coffee from Hamburg to Finland, because the Finnish coffees were missing the smoothness that Arnd wanted. Finally, Arnd got fed up with carrying coffee around and decided to roast something that didn’t exist in Finland yet.

The first coffees of Holmen coffee were roasted and enjoyed in the Finnish Archipelago Sea, which also explains the name Holmen (Island in Swedish). Since the beginning, all of Holmen’s coffees have been named with names that begin with the letter H, like the Finnish anniversary coffee Holmen Hundred or the Holmen Havanna, that gets it’s flavor from Cuba. Nowadays the Holmen Coffee team is very international. They have people from Italy, Finland, Germany and Japan/Korea. The thing that unites them, is the passion for coffee.

Bringing European flavors to FinlandWoman standing with back to camera in a bad coffee sucks t-shirt

When Arnd moved to Finland, he noticed that Finns have their own unique taste in coffee. Finnish people favor coffees that have fruitiness and are full of explosive and strong flavors. His idea was to combine the Finnish flavor palate with the softer and easier to drink coffees of Continental Europe. At Holmen Coffee, they emphasize, that coffee is a personal experience. “There is no right or wrong, there is simply coffee – Either you like a particular coffee, or you don´t”, Arnd says.

Holmen Coffee uses EP graded coffee beans (European preparation), that are often less sour in their flavor. These beans are carefully roasted to remove most of the chlorogenic acid they contain. Chlorogenic acid is an acid that coffee naturally contains, and it has an effect on flavor. It has also been said to cause some people stomach issues, but on the other hand, some of the health benefits of coffee have been linked with the acid.

Holmen Coffee’s motto is “Smoother Coffee – Made with Passion”. That reflects Holmen’s coffees selection perfectly. The flavors are low in acidity and soft in a typically Central European way regardless of the roast level. Like Holmen says: “Bad Coffee Sucks.”


A wide selection with a focus on coffee blends

Holmen Coffee 1kg Probatino roaster
All Holmen Coffee coffees come from micro plantations aka small farms, fazenas and haziéndas, where the amounts of coffee are small and where all the coffees are hand picked. This ensures the high quality and delicious flavor of the coffee. Whenever possible, Holmen Coffee’s coffee is also Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance certified.

Holmen has many coffee blends, with a recognizable flavor profile. Arnd aims to keep the flavor of the familiar blends consistent, even if a certain raw bean changes. This enables the coffee to stay recognizable and familiar even through changes. Adding to the softness of the coffee, is also Arnd’s meticulous and careful roasting.

Holmen Coffee has an impressive roasting machinery. The main roaster is 12kg Probat roaster and test roasts are made with a 1kg Probatino (in the picture). The machines are basically brand new. With growing volumes, Arnd has also considered getting a bigger roaster. At Holmen, everything from roasting to packing is done by hand, so you know, that every bean that leaves the roastery, has gone through loving hands.

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