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Lehmus Roastery

Lehmus Roastery
10.05.2019 Maria Ariyo

Lehmus Roastery is a micro roastery from Lappeenranta that was founded in 2016. They have risen to the forefront of the Finnish roastery field with their surprising actions and excellent attitude.

They were the first roastery in Lappeenranta and hence have named many of their coffees after different neighbourhoods and sights. Even the name Lehmus stems from Lappeenranta’s name tree. A fun, original thing Lehmus Roastery does is, they set “a flyness level” for each coffee they make.Lehmus Roastery – Samu Koskinen

Lehmus Roastery has been chosen twice, in 2017 and 2018 as Finland’s best roastery by audience voting in Helsinki Coffee Festival.

The people and the story

Nowadays, the people behind Lehmus Roastery are Samu Koskinen and Arttu Muukkonen, with their Roastmaster Jussi Tyrisevä.

Lehmus has made its goal to remove the specialty from specialty coffee – they aim to make specialty coffee more approachable for everyone. To achieve this, Lehmus focuses on coffee flavour. Everything else, from packaging to marketing is done through normalcy. Specialty coffee shouldn’t be only for coffee buffs, good coffee belongs to everyone.

Lehmus Roastery has an exceptionally thorough and insightful design. The skilled visuals were created by CEO Samu Koskinen, who is also a talented graphic designer. The hand-drawn labels combine the coffee metropolis’ of the world to Lappeenranta. The Manager, Arttu Muukkonen has a background in photography, so the social media feeds for both Lehmus Roastery and their coffee shop, Satamatie 6 have a beautiful visual representation.

Lehmus Roastery – 3 coffees

Lehmus Roastery coffees

The Lehmus Roastery selection has grown over the years. The raw beans are mainly acquired mainly through Cafe Imports. All the coffee is sustainably produced and if possible also from a single farm – of course depending on the possibilities in each country. The labels share the exact information of each coffee, as is customary for high-quality coffee.Lehmus Roastery – pile of coffee

Lehmus started with 4 coffees. New coffees for the selection have been added by the twos and in three years, the permanent selection has grown to 8 coffees. The light and fruity Myllysaari, light and fresh Kanava, soft and round Muukko, rich and sweet Pusupuisto, medium roast espresso Kimpinen, dark roasted Lauritsala and classic espresso Sammonlahti represent the variety of coffee around the world. The decaffeinated Kesämäki is the newest addition to the selection and has been gaining praise as it is very hard to distinguish as a decaf coffee.

The selection varies based on the time of the year. The winter time additions are Kettukahvit (The fox coffees) and they have smaller Limited-batches around the year. They also have had a few barrel-matured coffees.

Satamatie 6 - roastery-cafe

The Lappeenranta flyness

Lehmus Roastery is situated in an old warehouse in the tip of Linnoitusniemi. The building is over 100 years old and used to be a stable, nowadays, the building and the roastery-cafe Satamatie 6 smell like freshly roasted coffee.

The Lappeenranta spirit is also very centrally visible in their coffees, which have been named after different neighbourhoods and sights in Lappeenranta. In the labels, Lappeenranta is being shown as a flamboyant city, which fits the flyness attitude Lehmus has.

“Lappeenranta is an international metropolis. It has three golf courses, at least seven shopping centres and we are closer to the 5 million resident St Petersburg than we are to Helsinki, for starters”, says Muukkonen.

Koskinen says flyness or “lesous” is a fine term to describe being from Lappeenranta. You always need to have a little twinkle in your eye. It’s not surprising, that every Lehmus coffee has a flyness level from one to five. The most fly coffee is Sammonlahti – the toasty espresso from the side of the notorious Sammontori.

“Basically all our coffees get at least a 4/5 flyness level, because any less wouldn’t do our coffees justice”, explains Koskinen.

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