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Record Coffee Company

Record Coffee Company
27.03.2018 Maria Ariyo

Record Coffee Company is an artisan roastery from Kuopio that was founded in the summer of 2017. The roastery has a main focus on music and enjoying coffee moments.

Record Coffee Company – Where did the story start from?

Record Coffee Company Jesse Cupping

Record Coffee Company roaster Jesse Parkkali’s interest in coffee started approximately 10 years ago, and traditionally begun with the exploration of the moka pot. His interest grew hand in hand with the passion to explore different coffee brewing methods and taste different coffees. Parkkali had earlier worked at Johan & Nyström in their sales and training, which grew into a need to take a step forward and personally work with coffee.

The roastery, founded in 2017 was a part of the Rock Paper Scissors brewery and they were working under the same brand. Since the beginning, Teija Lublinkhof has been a part of the picture. Lublinkhof has possibly one of the highest knowledge coffee professionals in all of Finland and has lived in Zambia for 20 years working for example on coffee farms and as a roast master in a local roastery. She was also the main judge in the 2017 Global Barista Championships as well as in the board of AFCA (the African Fine Coffee Association).

At the end of 2019, two new shareholders, Ville Wikstedt and Janne Harilahti joined the crew. Ville is in charge of business development and visuality and Janne focuses on sales. With the additional shareholders, they had their packaging redesigned and the rock, papers, scissors -theme started leaving their brand and was replaced with the musical-themed marketing and packaging.

Music and enjoying coffee to the fore front

Record Coffee coffees can be identified by the label, shaped like a c-cassette. As all small roasters, they want their coffee to be traceable transparently to farms and cooperatives, which guarantees the ethics and ecology of coffee. Instead of emphasizing these points in marketing, Record Coffee primarily wants to calm the urgent daily life of coffee drinkers by encouraging them to relax during their coffee breaks and genuinely enjoy coffee. In this way, the overconsumption of coffee can also be reduced since the function of coffee is more than just fuel.

“We playfully talk about how with our production, we kind of record the culture, coffee growing conditions and cultivation methods in a cup of coffee just like the company’s name. When it’s time for the coffee moment and you stop in the middle of a hectic day, your favourite song or maybe even the rhythm of a drum from the coffees origin country starts to sound in your head”, says Parkkali. Information on the origin can be found on the label and co-cultivation is explained in more detail in other communications, such as their website.

Working with Mix’s and Singles

Record coffee company coffee bag

The people at the roastery are all passionate music people, and you can very well find them at some customers’ cafe or event playing vinyl and c-cassettes and serving coffee. In keeping with the spirit of the name, Record Coffee’s selection consists of mixtapes or blends that are available throughout the year.

Blends often consist of coffees from different continents, but Record also wants to highlight the continents’ own taste characteristics in the blends. In addition, fresh singles, ie country-of-origin coffees, are published every 2-3 months, with a clear emphasis on the flavours of a particular fruit, berry or chocolate, for example.


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