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Slurp Christmas calendar #3
Café Nazca: Araña

Slurp Christmas calendar #3
Café Nazca: Araña
03.12.2019 Maria Ariyo

Toffee · Dark Chocolate · Tropical fruits


Café Nazca

Roaster: Pasi Pelkonen
Roast: Dark

Alex Herrera’s farm Finca Pompolijá is on the slope of the Atitlá volcano in an altitude of 1470-1720m. The farm was founded already in 1850 and is 500 hectares big. 250 hectares of the farm is coffee and the rest is in its natural state as the farm belongs to the Guatemala private rainforest reserve and all members have committed to keeping at least 50 percent of their farms in a natural state. The farm is also a part of the local social responsibility program and supports local healthcare and education.

The coffee produced at Finca Pompolijá received the gold medal for high quality from the Guatemala National Coffee Association already in 1940 and nowadays the coffee has a quality score of 85.5. The variety farmed at the farm is caturra (SHB EP).

Country: Guatemala
Region: Atitlán, Sololá
Farm: Finca Pampojilá
Farmer: Alex Herrera
Varieties: Caturra
Growing altitude (MASL): 1470-1720m
Processing: Washed / Wet Processed

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