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Midsummer — How to Celebrate the Finnish Juhannus?

Midsummer — How to Celebrate the Finnish Juhannus?
05.06.2019 Maria Ariyo

Midsummer is the favourite time of the year for many Finns. It’s in mid-June and marks the longest day of the year. The sun doesn’t set in the north and it is light throughout the day. Midsummer, or as we say in Finnish Juhannus, is a traditional holiday with a tad of magic and lots of good vibes. But how should you celebrate it?

Midsummer is the holiday most people end up spending with their families and friends in the countryside. If you’re in the city during the time, it often feels like a ghost town. Don’t worry though! There are lots of activities you can do both in the city or at the summer cottage.

Midsummer flower field

Organise a Midsummer Picnic or Fire Up the Grill

If the weather is nice, head out for a picnic in the park! All Finnish cities have beautiful parks to enjoy. Pack some sweet Finnish strawberries in your basket, maybe some bubbles, cheese and bread, and you’re on your way to a perfect picnic. Alternatively, fire up the grill and prepare some mushrooms, corn or other yummy treats!

glass coffee pot

Iced Coffee Cooling the Summer Heat

Since it’s Midsummer, it’s hopefully nice and warm outside. There’s nothing better than a cooling ice coffee. Alternatively, try out our recipe or make some coffee ice cubes!

Midsummer Dances

It’s a tradition to go out dancing on Midsummer. Check out what events are available in your area, warm up at home and go show everyone that the dancefloor belongs to you.

A Bonfire by the Water

Finland is gifted with many lakes and a lengthy seashore with lots of islands. So enjoy the beautiful scenery! If you’re in Helsinki, go to Seurasaari for a walk and the traditional Midsummer bonfire. Traditionally the Midsummer bonfire is built to keep the evil spirits away.

Make a Flower Crown

It’s hard to tell whether you’re celebrating the Finnish midsummer or going to a festival when you wear a flower crown or wreath! Wander in nature, find the most colourful flowers you can, and get to work. If you’re not too skilled in making a flower crown, don’t worry, summer is the time to relax.

Midsummer’s Magic Spells

Midsummer never arrives without a bit of magic and spells, especially for single people. So if Tinder hasn’t been working for you, maybe these Midsummer spells will! One of the most well-known spells is to collect seven different types of flowers and put them under your pillow. You should see your future lover in your dream when you sleep the night on the flowers. Try out and let us know who you see!😉

Sauna and Swimming on Midsummer’s Eve

It’s not a real Finnish holiday without sauna. Warm up the sauna in the countryside, or if you’re in the city, visit one of the many beautiful public saunas. Go take a dip in the lake or the sea between sauna rounds.

lake at a summer cottage on midsummer

Spend time at the Summer Cottage

Many Finns disappear to their summer cottages in the countryside for Midsummer. If you are able to go too, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. Finnish summer cottages aren’t often too luxurious, but that just adds to the experience.

Play Mölkky and Other Outdoor Games

Mölkky is a traditional Finnish outdoor game and a great activity for Midsummer whether you’re in the city or in the countryside. Gather your friends together and be ready to win.

Board Games Save a Rainy Midsummer

It’s summer and well, if you’re in Finland, it might look more like October than June. We never know what the weather’s going to bring to us, so we have to be prepared for everything! If it rains and outdoor games are not an option, have a go at the traditional Trivial Pursuit or another board game.


Do you have a favorite Midsummer tradition, or what are you planning to do this year? Share it with us!

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