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Light roast coffees are very complex, with a clear emphasis on berry, fruit, juicy and complex flavour combinations. The coffee is much more acidic than dark roast coffee and the inherent acidity is part of the appeal of light roast coffee.

Light roast coffee is the ideal way to take you on a journey into the complex and aromatic world of coffee. It allows you to taste all the most delicate aromas and flavours of the bean, which have been passed down to the bean from the land where it originated, from the coffee plant and from the coffee berry itself. Of all the roasting levels, light roast coffee is the most thematic.

Light roast coffee is often roasted until the first crackle of the bean during roasting. It is during the crackling process that the bean’s natural flavours are at their peak. A large number of different aroma compounds and sugars are developed and roasted in the bean, giving the coffee a pleasant taste. The coffee’s aromas are allowed to develop by continuing to roast for a short time after the crackling, then the roasting is stopped and the beans are removed from the roaster to a cooling trough to cool.

Coffees from different continents and countries have their own distinctive flavours, each characteristic of their region. Light roasted coffees offer the best places to enjoy this flavour journey!