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Decaffeinated Swiss Water Mexico Organic
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Decaffeinated Swiss Water Mexico Organic

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Decaffeinated Swiss Water Mexico Organic is a Mexican organic coffee, and its caffeine has been removed using the Swiss Water method.

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Decaffeinated Swiss Water Mexico Organic

In this Mexican coffee, caffeine is removed using the Swiss Water method. The flavour is fruity and you can taste nuts in the aftertaste. This coffee is full-bodied and soft as well as has low acidity.

The caffeine is removed with water and an active carbon filter. When the caffeine water enters the active carbon filter, the caffeine is leaves the water and the same water can be used multiple times to process different coffee batches.

Country: Mexico
Variety: Arabica
Growing altitude: 1300m
Processing: Washed
Flavour: Fruits, Citrus fruits, Nuts

Additional Information

Order size

200g, 400g


Beans, Pot Coffee, French Press, Percolator, Chemex, Filter Coffee, Pour Over, Mocca Pot, Aeropress, Espresso, Turkish Coffee

Roast Level

Medium Roast

Flavour Profile

Chocolaty and Nutty

Coffee Type

Organic, Single Origin, Caffeine Free






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