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Fazenda California
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Fazenda California

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Fazenda California is a Brazilian medium roast coffee, produced in one of the southernmost regions for coffee production in the world, Paraná. Flavor notes include dark chocolate, fudge and almond.

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Fazenda California

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The over 100-year-old Fazenda California coffee farm in the Paraná region is run by Luiz Saldanha, who took over the farm in 2004 and ambitiously decided to raise it to produce best speciality coffee in Brazil. Fazenda Californias location is at the southernmost borderline to actually farm coffee. Until 1960s, this region was one of the country’s most vibrant coffee producing regions but due to terrible frosts and the rise of the major coffee regions up north, its production stagnated, leading many coffee farmers to move north, leaving their farms underdeveloped. But now, due to climate change, these regions have become attractive to farmers again, but hardly anyone saw its regained specialty potential. Because of Luiz vision and passion for speciality coffee the farm has now won several awards, and produces the most interesting coffee from Brazil that we have come by. In this coffee you can find notes of dark chocolate, almond, fudge and hints of pear.

Origin: Paraná, Brazil
Producer: Luiz Saldanha
Variety: Mundo Novo
Flavour: Dark chocolate, almond, fudge
Altitude: approx. 500m
Processing: Pulped Natural

200g & 400g: Delivery to your mailbox
1000g: Delivery to pick-up point (DHL, Posti)

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Mundo Novo

Roast Level

Medium Roast


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Pulped Natural




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