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Pulped natural processed coffee with notes of milk chocolate, walnut and peach.

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Cafe Nazca orders are sent out fresh to customers twice a week. Orders made by Tuesday and Friday at 14.00 will be sent on the next working day. The standard delivery time in Finland is 2-4 working days

Fazenda Monte Alto is part of the Fazenda Ambienta Fortaleza project called Bob-O-Link. The farmers who are involved with the project have committed to produce good-quality coffee and aim to an organic production. The coffee is grown and dried at the farmers’ premises until it’s delivered to the common washing station where it’s processed to its final state for sales. The process is Pulped Natural, which corresponds to the honey process used in Central America. In this process the coffee bean is dried together with the “honey” inside the bean which makes the coffee significantly less acidic than the coffee treated with the traditional washing process.

Origin: Mococa, Brazil
Farmer: Marina Ribeiro do Valle (Fazenda Monte Alto)
Flavor: Milk chocolate, walnut, peach
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 1100m
Process: Pulped Natural

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Order size

200g, 400g, 1000g


Beans, Pot Coffee, French Press, Percolator, Chemex, Filter Coffee, Pour Over, Mocca Pot, Aeropress, Espresso, Turkish Coffee

Coffee Type

Single Origin


Pulped Natural




Café Nazca

Flavour Profile

Chocolaty and Nutty

Roast Level

Dark Roast


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