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SLURP rare holiday box 2022
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SLURP rare holiday box 2022

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Limited edition!

In the SLURP rare holiday box, we present to you TWO rare tier coffees in one neat package! If the holiday time is not the correct time to up your own or loved ones’ coffee game, we don’t know what is! ✨

Treat yourself or the ones near you with these World Class coffees during the holidays.

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Limited edition!

SLURP rare holiday box orders made by Mondays at 10am are delivered from the Standout Coffee, Sweden on Tuesdays.

You can order the box until 12th of December at 10am and the last orders will be delivered from the roastery on 13th of December.

The SLURP rare holiday box includes two unique rare coffees conveniently packaged together. This is the perfect time to surprise even the most discerning coffee lover with an experience of a lifetime.

The box includes two top-quality Geshas: one from Jairo Lopez’s La Esperanza farm in Colombia and the other one Savage Coffee Iridescence from Panama. Both coffees are roasted by our good old friends at Standout Coffee in Stockholm, Sweden!


Colombia Jairo Lopez Chilled Anaerobic Natural Gesha 100g

The first coffee comes from the Quindio region of Colombia. This wonderful chilled anaerobic natural Gesha from Jairo Lopez, grown at 1700 m at the farm La Esperanza in the Quindio region in Colombia, is so incredibly good. A perfect example of a process in full harmony with the Gesha variety.

This is one of those wonderful experiences when you find a truly wonderful expression of the ultimate combination of variety, terroir and of course the craft of growing, harvesting and processing the coffee to its fullest potential!

Jairo and his brothers (Edilberto, Jorge and Cesar) are producing coffee on the land that has been in the family for 50 years and this chilled anaerobic fermented and natural greenhouse processed Gesha is just exquisite!

Flavour description: Aroma of roses and exotic fruit. Notes of rose petals, peach, mango with an elegant and long finish.

Panama Savage Coffee Iridescence 100g

This extraordinary example of a washed carbonic maceration Gesha comes from Savage Coffee. The Iridescence is harvested in March 2022 at 1900 m.a.s.l. and is clean, elegant, fragrant and delicate. Savage Coffee is a project started by Jamison Savage in Panama. Jamison has positioned himself as one of the most sophisticated coffee producers globally, with his farm Finca Deborah winning prestigious coffee competitions around the globe and now pre-booking his coffees well before the season starts.

Iridescence is a washed carbonic maceration Gesha. The Gesha cherries are harvested at peak ripeness, then pulped and placed in a stainless steel tank. This tank is then charged with CO2 to pressurize and chase out the oxygen. From here, the coffee is left to ferment in a cool temperature, with monitoring of PH, pressure, temperature and time being data logged. It’s then dried for over 20 days on a custom-built, tiered raised bed system.

Flavour description:  Jasmin & orange blossom aroma. With a taste of yuzu, melon & sparkling orange wine.

This package you do NOT want to miss! Treat yourself or the ones near you with these World Class coffees during the holidays and order the SLURP rare holiday box 2022!

Order size: 2 x 100g

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