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SLURP Xmas Box
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SLURP Xmas Box

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This is Slurp’s multi-tonal coffee gift: two great Christmas coffees and a great coffee fermented in a whisky barrel! Here’s the perfect coffee set for a tasty Christmas treat.
Last order day is 5.12.2021, shipping on week 50.

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Slurp Xmas Box – Limited edition!

This is Slurp’s multi-tonal coffee gift: two great Christmas coffees and a great coffee fermented in a whisky barrel! Here’s the perfect coffee set for a tasty Christmas treat.
The product is available only for pre-order; last day to order is 5.12.2021.

Slurp Xmas box includes:
3x 200g of coffee (total 600g)
The coffees are in a white gift box

The Xmas Box will be sent to customers on week 50. Xmas Box will be delivered in Finland by Postal parcel to a pick up point or to home via DHL Express Domestic. Inside EU as DHL Economy Select, outside EU as DHL Express.
Please note: if you order other items (excluding coffees) at the same time there will be more delivery methods available but Xmas Box will be shipped as a separate delivery freshly roasted only via methods mentioned above.

Slurp Light Christmas Coffee
The experimental fermented natural processing at the Gasharu washing station gives this coffee a very rich aroma and a rich mouthfeel. We have roasted the coffee very light to enhance its juicy fruitiness. We paid 360% of the market price for the green coffee as a quality compensation.
Slurp’s lightly roasted Christmas coffee is delicious with Christmas pastries and preserves. The coffee is balanced, fruity and softly honey-liked.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Macuba Region, Nyamasheke District, Western Province
Farm: Gasharu Laundry Station
Farmer: 1650 smallholders
Variety: bourbon
Growing altitude: 1600-2100m
Processing method: experimental fermentation

Slurp Dark Christmas Coffee
COMICOVEL’s community of organic certified farms produced this balanced and pleasant coffee, which we roasted to a pale medium roast to bring out its almondy notes and luscious creamy mouthfeel. The community is investing in the well-being of the ecosystem, including clean water sources, to ensure quality coffee production and naturality in the future. We roasted the coffee to a specific roast for both filter and espresso machines to ensure the best extraction.
Slurp’s dark roast Christmas coffee pairs well with the Christmas flavours, making it a great addition to the Christmas table. The coffee is balanced, with a soft roast and almond flavour.

Country: Honduras
Region: Opalaca
Farm: COMICOVEL associates
Grower: 25 smallholders
Varieties: mainly Lempira
Growing altitude: 1500m
Processing method: washed

Àrbol Whisky Coffee
The raw beans of this coffee have been fermented for some time in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels before roasting. All the good whisky flavours are retained in the coffee without the alcohol. The coffee itself comes from the Cópan region of Honduras, from a farm called Finca Río Colorado, the Umami Project. The farm is socially committed and ecologically sustainable, with goals including creating new employment opportunities for local people, using only organic farming methods and direct trade. The farm operates a local coffee growing school in the Umami area. You can taste whisky, chocolate and vanilla in this coffee.

Country: Honduras
Region: Santa Rosa de Cópan
Farm: Umami Area Project
Grower: Finca Río Colorado
Varieties: arabica blend
Growing altitude: 1000-1300m
Processing method: washed

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Weight 1125 g

Café Nazca, Makea Coffee


Beans, Filter Coffee

Roast Level

Light Roast, Dark Roast


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