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Espro Press P3 Glass French Press
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Espro Press P3 Glass French Press

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The Espro Press P3 Glass Press is the best and most beautiful french press in the world. The press has two patented metallic filters and super durable glass.

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The Espro Press P3 Glass Press is one the world’s highest quality french press.

The Espro Press P3 combines the eloquence of a classic glass french press with modern functionality and design. Through the glass walls you can see the magic of Espro happen in practice and how the world’s best french press coffee is made. Compared to other glass french press devices, the Espro P3 brews better coffee, is safer and more durable and keeps the coffee warm for longer.

Owing to the patented double mesh filter, the resulting cup is very clear and delicious without a mess. The metallic filters of this pot are so dense that no coffee grounds will end up in the coffee. Between the two filters there is a small buffer zone that keeps the coffee from over brewing. Thus the coffee stays perfect after pressing down the plunger and won’t become bitter like what happens with usual french press pots. Comes included with filters that you can use to make filter coffee with the french press method!

The Espro P3 has a unique safety lock never seen before in french press devices that ensures that the glass part stays safely put in the plastic frame. Nevertheless, the handle can be also easily separated for rinsing.

While brewing with the P3, the focus stays on the origin, roaster and flavor of the coffee.

What you get:

  • Available in one size: 530 ml.
  • Schott-Duran made in Germany glass that is approximately 40 % more dense than the glass in regular french press pots. It’s more durable and keeps the coffee warm for longer.
  • Plastic frame
  • Two patented filters that make for an excellent brew.
  • Included are 25 pieces of filter papers that enable you to make an even clearer cup by filtering out the oils typical to the french press method.
  • Patented solution.

The Espro Press P3 takes your french press brewing to new dimensions!


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