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Espro Travel Press (coffee + tea)
  • Espro Travel Press Tea (white)

Espro Travel Press (coffee + tea)

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The busy and active lifestyle of our modern world often keeps us from enjoying a perfect cup of coffee in peace. Espro Travel Press is the solution to this problem — and not any solution, but the product of the year awarded by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)!

This version has its separate filters for coffee and tea respectively.

With Espro Travel Press, you can brew the best coffee or tea on the way to anywhere. Just throw in the Travel Press coffee or tea and some hot water and off you go! The drink is brewed in a couple of minutes.
With the filter papers that come included, you can also brew a delicious filter coffee instead of a French press type of coffee. The Travel Press keeps the coffee warm for hours due to its thermos structure. The Travel Press does not leak and it’s easy to keep clean!
The Travel Press employs a patented technique, which allows you to brew the best possible French press coffee. The brewing of the coffee stops completely once the plunger is pressed down. This also ensures that no coffee grounds get into the resulting delicious coffee. In our opinion, with the Travel Press you can create the world’s best French press coffee anywhere, anytime!

Available in white.


  • The pot is made of durable, stainless steel. No breaking glass parts whatsoever.
  • Perfect for brewing coffee or steeping loose leaf tea. The highest quality.
  • Total volume 450 ml. Finished volume of coffee 300 ml or tea 350 ml.
  • The pot has two patented filters that filter the coffee really well. Easy to clean.
  • Double walled vacuum steel body that keeps the coffee warm as long as 4-6 hours.
  • Included are also filter papers, which you can use to filter out the typical fats of French press coffee resulting in a very clean taste.
  • Convenient for instance while enjoying outdoors.

Soon you won’t want to leave your house without an Espro Travel Press!

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