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Wilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A
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Wilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A

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Wilfa Svart Precision is the nobility of coffee makers. Svart Precision is for the demanding coffee drinker who values easiness.

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Wilfa Svart Precision is the nobility of coffee makers.

Filter coffee has held its place as the most popular brewing method. However, brewing high quality filter coffee is not easy and the filter coffee makers have great differences.

Designed in collaboration with one of the most famous and awarded baristas Tim Wendelboe, Wilfa manufactured a filter coffee maker that is as close to perfection as they get: Wilfa Svart Precision. Thus the modern filter coffee maker was born with the unique capabilities of optimizing the water temperature and brewing time according to the amount of coffee. These capabilities are not found in any other coffee maker available on the market.

The coffee maker is also easy to clean because of the removable water container. This makes removing limestone and cleaning the coffee maker easier. Svart Precision WSP-2A is an updated version of the multiple test winner, WSP-1A:sta.

Svart Precision is for the demanding coffee drinker who values easiness.

Please note that the product has type C electrical plug and requires 230-240 volt (50Hz) electrical input.


  • Brews 10 cups in about 5 minutes (capacity 1,25 litres).
  • Aluminium body.
  • A mixing aroma lid.
  • Incredibly quiet to use!
  • Maximum voltage 1840 watts.
  • The detachable water tank displays the amount of water as well as the recommended amount of coffee.
  • The water tank is easy to clean as it can be detached.
  • Informs when to clean the machine.
  • Automatic power-off.
  • Type C electrical plus and requires 230-240 volt (50Hz) electrical input.
  • Automatic temperature control: the coffee maker keeps the water at the optimum temperature (approx. 94°C) throughout the brewing process.
  • The Flow Control adjusts the flowing of the water according to how much coffee you are brewing. This ensures a perfect brewing time for one cup as well as ten cups.
  • A precision pump empties the water out of the coffee maker. Thus the water doesn’t stay inside the coffee maker and the device is always ready for the next brew.
  • Measurements (width, depth, height): 36,2 x 21,0 x 35,6cm.
  • European Brewing Centren seal of approval:


Svart Precision makes brewing a perfect cup of coffee as easy and fast for each and everyone.

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