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Wilfa coffee grinder Svart Aroma CGWS-130B
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Wilfa coffee grinder Svart Aroma CGWS-130B

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Wilfa coffee grinder Svart Aroma CGWS-130B is a really powerful and reasonably priced coffee grinder by Wilfa. Grinds coffee to 34 different grind levels.

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Wilfa coffee grinder Svart Aroma CGWS-130B is really powerful and reasonably priced. Please note that the grinder has type C electrical plug and requires 230-240 volt (50Hz) electrical input.

Coffee is at its best freshly ground. This is a known fact among all coffee enthusiasts, who buy their coffee as beans and grind them right before brewing. The longer the time between grinding and brewing, the less aroma is retained by the bean. With the Wilfa Svart Aroma CGWS-130B you can grind coffee beans neatly and swiftly. The conical blades of the grinder ensure an even result with all levels from fine to coarse. The grinder offers a suitable grind for a french press as well as filter coffee, and pot coffee amongst others. Soon your kitchen is filled with a stunning aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Compared to the previous model this new Wilfa coffee grinder Svart Aroma CGWS-130B has a totally new DC-engine. It generates less heat and gives even more constant grind.

The other coffee grinder by Wilfa, Wilfa Svart Nymalt WSCG-2 has metallic colour and little less expensive engine.


  • 250 gram UV protected bean container.
  • The power cable can be hidden under the grinder.
  • Timer function. You can set it to grind for instance for 5 seconds.
  • 34 different levels from fine to coarse. You can adjust the coarseness very precisely, which ensures that you can find the optimal level of grind for each variety of bean and brewing method.
  • DC-engine grinds beans little slower which generates less heat and gives more constant result.
  • Measurements (width, depth, height): 170 x 285 x 130mm.
  • Type C electrical plus and requires 230-240 volt (50Hz) electrical input.
  • Power: 130W
  • 5 year warranty for home use.
  • European Brewing Centre seal of approval:

Note that Wilfa gives their product an astounding 5 year warranty!

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