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Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFBS-100B coffee grinder
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Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFBS-100B coffee grinder

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Wilfa’s newest grinder Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFBS-100B will elevate your coffee to another level!

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Wilfa’s newest grinder Wilfa SVART Uniform WSFBS-100B will elevate your coffee to another level!

Coffee is at its best freshly ground. This is a known fact among all coffee enthusiasts who buy their coffee as beans and grind them right before brewing. The longer the time between grinding and brewing, the less aroma is retained by the bean. With the Wilfa SVART Uniform grinder, you can grind coffee beans neatly and swiftly. The conical blades of the grinder ensure an even result with all levels from fine to coarse. With this grinder, you get a suitable grind for a french press as well as filter coffee, pot coffee and espresso amongst others. Soon your kitchen is filled with a stunning aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Please note that the grinder has type C electrical plug and requires 230-240 volt (50Hz) electrical input.

Wilfa SVART Uniform has the Svart UNI scale (WSG-2), that precisely measures with the accuracy of 0.1 grams. The scale has a high-resolution LED screen and Bluetooth. It works perfectly with the Wilfa SVART application and shows you the exact ratio of coffee and water, down to the last drop.


  • Fine-tuned and tested with the renowned barista Tim Wendelboe.
  • 58 mm wide stainless steel flat burr conical blade, made in Italy.
  • A precise grind dial with 41 steps, from french press to espresso!
  • Extremely durable – made with cast aluminium and steel.
  • Automatically stops grinding.
  • A metallic grind container, that reduces the static electricity in the coffee.
  • Type C electrical plus and requires 230-240 volt (50Hz) electrical input.
  • Integrated scale – measures with an accuracy of 0.1 grams.
  • iPhone and Android -applications for settings and selecting uses.


We deliver fresh roasted beans worldwide to your mail slot. Give it a try!

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 378 x 202 x 202 mm


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