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SLURP coffee artist
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SLURP coffee artist

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Digital Precision Scale

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Hario V60 Pour Over Kit

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Hario Buono kettle

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Wilfa Coffee Grinder Svart Nymalt WSCG-2

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This package will help you turn into a real coffee artist and make a perfect, nuanced coffee. The idea of this package is to prepare “Pour Over”-coffees, in which you pour water with your hand into the Hario V60 filter. The heart of the package is the Hario V60 Pour over kit, that includes the famous filter, a glass coffee pot and 100 filter papers.

The package also includes the Hario Buono pan, that is considered to be the best Pour over pot because of its long and thin spout. Grinding the coffee beans is easy with the Wilfa -grinder and measuring your grinds are effortless with the handy digital scale. This method and our selection of equipments will help you make coffee just the way you like it!

The SLURP coffee artist includes the Wilfa WSCG-2 coffee grinder, Digital scale, Hario V60 Pour over kit and a Hario Buono pan.

Hario V60 – Pour over Kit

  • The Pour Over Kit includes a 100 paper filters, the plastic V60 drip cone and a glass server.
  • Beautiful, Japanese design.
  • Volume max. 700 ml.
  • The spiraling contours control the flow of the water and give the coffee room to brew.
  • Easy to use and care for.


Hario buono kettle:

  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Capacity 1,2 litres; optimal cooking capacity 0,8 litres.
  • Suitable for all stove tops.
  • Long and slim beak.


Wilfa WSCG-2 -coffee grinder:

  • 250g UV-protected coffeebean holder..
  • Timer. You can set the grinder to grind up to 30 seconds.
  • 34 different coarseness levels. You can set the coarseness very specifically for each bean and brewing medium.
  • Measures W-D-H (cm): 17 x 28,5 x 13,0.
  • 5 year warranty for use at home.
  • European Brewing Centren certificate:


Digital scale:

  • Digital lighted screen
  • Scale  0-2000 g.
  • Accuracy 0,1 g.
  • Calibration by one button.
  • Automatic timeout.
  • Measurements W-D-H (cm): 11,4 x 7,4 x 1,9.
  • Power source 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included in package).


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