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SLURP Italian
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SLURP Italian

Bialetti Venus Mocha Pot

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Digital Precision Scale

Perfect coffee cannot be brewed without precise ratio between water and coffee. Therefore, it is paramount to always measure both the water and coffee with a scale. With Slurp's pocket-sized precision scale you can weigh the water and coffee with more precision and ease as ever before. The scale is extremely easy to use and sized handily. Owing to its small size, it is very practical for trips anywhere. The digital scale can weigh items up to 2 kg and measures with utmost precision up to 0,1 gram. Slurp highly recommends this digital scale to all coffee lovers!

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Are you a friend of the Mocha coffee? It is of course a strong coffee, that strongly resembles the Italian espresso, but is easily prepared on your own stove – and with the Bialetti Venus in this package, even on an induction stove. Venus doesn’t spill, so you can even follow the brewing of your coffee with the lid open. You won’t even burn your hands, with the insulated handles.

As you can tell by the name, the Bialetti Venus is also incredibly stylish. Also included in this set is a Wilfa grinder, that helps you grind the necessary amount of coffee. You can surely imagine the lovely bubbling of the Moka pot on your stove top. This package helps you achieve the most velvety mocha coffee.

the SLURP Italian includes the Wilfa WSCG-2 -coffee grinder, Digital scale and the Bialetti Venus.

Bialetti Venus -moka pot:

  • One brew yields a maximum of 270 ml of ready coffee, which translates to about 6 servings (45 ml per serving).
  • Diameter of the bottom 9,5 cm.
  • The coffee won’t spill from the Bialetti Venus, even if you brew it too hot, unlike many other mocha pots. As the new innovation stops the spilling, you can even brew the coffee with the lid open.

Wilfa WSCG-2 -coffee grinder:

  • 250g UV-protected coffeebean holder..
  • Timer. You can set the grinder to grind up to 30 seconds.
  • 34 different coarseness levels. You can set the coarseness very specifically for each bean and brewing medium.
  • Measures W-D-H (cm): 17 x 28,5 x 13,0.
  • 5 year warranty for use at home.
  • European Brewing Centren certificate:

Digital scale:

  • Digital lighted screen
  • Scale  0-2000 g.
  • Accuracy 0,1 g.
  • Calibration by one button.
  • Automatic timeout.
  • Measurements W-D-H (cm): 11,4 x 7,4 x 1,9.
  • Power source 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included in package).



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