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Nitor Autumn Special Masala Chai Organic
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Nitor Autumn Special Masala Chai Organic

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Masala Chai tea

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Masala Chai is an indian blend of black tea and spices, which is excellent with milk or cream as a chai latte. Masala chai is more or less the national drink of India, which began its rise in the 1930 when normal Indians finally had enough money and interest towards tea, which was earlier considered the colonialists rigmarole.

”Chai” stands for tea and ”masala” stands for spice blend, that changes depending on the person preparing it, but most of the time includes ginger and cardamom in the least. Because of that masala chai is often considered a Christmas-time tea and it is excellent for warming yourself up during the winter. This tea is meant to be had with sugar and milk as a drink called chai latte. However this blend has especially big tea leaves and can therefore be enjoyed also on its own.

Ingredients: black tea (50 %, Rwanda), cinnamon bits, ginger, clove, black pepper, cardamom. No additives.

Variety: Flavoured black tea
Origin: India
Steeping: 95-100 °C 3-5 min
Measuring: 1tsp/2dl water
Bag size: 80g

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