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Resurrection bush
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Resurrection bush

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Resurrection bush tea is made from resurrection bush leaves and twigs and it’s traditionally used to treat among other ailments.

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Resurrection bush is a woody shrub with tough branches. It is called resurrection bush for the speed with which apparently dead leaves revive when the rains come. Tea is made from its leaves and twigs, traditionally to treat among other ailments: colds, kidney problems, asthma, backaches and headaches.

Resurrection bush is very widespread in Zimbabwe and can be found only in shallow soil over rock, crevices and rocky hillsides where few other plants survive. A study comparing resurrection bush infusion to rooibos tea found that resurrection bush infusion has antioxidant properties comparable to rooibos. Resurrection bush is a rich source of phenolic compounds, which act as antioxidants, and strong inhibitors of the oxidative stress arising from exhaustion and other body reactions. It also contains arbutin, a potent antiseptic. Sustainably cultivated.

Origin: Zimbabwe
Steeping: 90-95 °C 2-3 min
Measuring: Few branches
Bag size: 50 g

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Weight 50 g


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