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White Monkey Pekoe
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White Monkey Pekoe

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A smooth taste with a slight hint of honey. White Monkey Pekoe is a luxurious, hand-harvested tea.


White Monkey or Bai Mao Hou grows along the slopes of the Taimu mountains in the Fujian province of China.

Only the top two leaves of the plant are harvested exclusively by hand.  The young and unopened buds are carefully gathered and processed. Tea has some beautiful white tips looking like white-haired monkey’s paws.

The roughish, slightly downy leaves makes a light-green colored tea. White Monkey Pekoe has a smooth taste with a slight hint of honey. A luxurious tea for the true connoisseur.

Variety: White tea
Origin: China, Fuijan
Measuring: 1tsp / 2dl water
Bag size: 50g

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Weight 125 g


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