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+ How do you curate the coffees?

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+ Can I purchase a single coffee?
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We choose the best roasters and tastiest coffees for you. You can just enjoy the experience.
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SLURP Christmas Calendar 2021 - Limited Edition

The SLURP Christmas Calendar 2019 brings you 24 fresh and delicious specialty coffees from Finnish roasters to make your Christmas time ever tastier than before!

  • Each day contains a 60g bag of freshly roasted coffee (~1 liter when brewed)
  • Every coffee is a surprise
  • Includes light, medium and dark roasted coffees
  • Coffees come from 15 different roasters
  • Choose between beans or ground

The coffees will be delivered in a stylish and useful box that can be used for storing the coffees. The layout in the product picture is another example of organizing the coffee bags.

The coffee information will be introduced daily on our website, Facebook page and Instagram page.

Orders & Deliveries

The calendars are limited. Currently, only filter ground product is available. All the coffees were freshly roasted in late November. The delivery to Japan takes 2-3 days. The orders will be delivered via DHL express (due to the international delivery, please note that you might be subject to pay for the customs besides the price of the calendar itself).

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Select a roast level
The roast level is one of the most important factors that determine the taste of the coffee in the cup. Have a look at the description of the flavour profile and click to choose your favorite one.