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Colombia Paraiso 92

Colombia Paraiso 92

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SLURP x Coffee Collective
Prism Coffee Works – Colombia Paraiso 92, 4th place

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The Columbia Granja Paraiso 92 by Prism Coffee Works is an innovative coffee processed by double anaerobic fermentation & thermal shock wash with brewer’s yeast.

This coffee has a strong punchy fruit flavour and soft texture such as peach, papaya and vanilla. Thanks to this coffee being fermented using German brewer’s yeast, you can even taste a faint beer flavour in the aftertaste.

The roaster has focused on bringing out the character of the beans themselves, rather than the sweetness that comes from extending the development stage.

Prism Coffee Works is a Korean-based roaster and content marketing agency, they have hosted over 400 coffee-related seminars and workshops in Korea and Japan.

The producer, Paraiso 92, a family-operated farm run by Wilton Benitez is a leading innovator in coffee processing methods. Operating out of the Cauca region in Southwestern Colombia, they have their own microbiological and quality assurance laboratory, which gives them a true competitive edge in creating speciality coffees that can’t be found elsewhere.

Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Producer: Paraiso 92
Roaster: Youngjun Cho
Processing: Double anaerobic fermentation with beer yeast and a thermal shock wash
Profile: Strong fruit flavour with a hints of peach, papaya and vanilla


Recommended brewing recipe (pour over): 
Amount of beans: 15g
Amount of hot water: 250ml
Water temperature: 94°C
Extraction time: 3:00 – 3:30
Grind: medium to coarse (800-850um)
Pour in 45g of hot water (3 times as much as the beans) and wait 40 seconds.
Pour in up to 100g of water and wait until the water runs out
Up to 150g – wait for water to drain
Pour up to 200g and wait for the water to drain
Pour up to 250g and wait until the water runs out


Paino 275 g

Papuna, Suodatinkahvi




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