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Bali Karana

Bali Karana
15.06.2020 Maria Ariyo

Bali Karana

Expect notes of orange marmalade, cherry liquor, prune and smooth body.

Our coffee no. 7 comes from an origin that is more often known for Kopi Luwak than specialty coffee – Bali, Indonesia. The coffee is processed in the Karana wet mill where the ripe cherries arrive from the Kintamani producing region a 1-hour drive away. The mill is a collaboration between Rodney Glick and Kadek Edi who are both licenced Q Graders and passionate about changing the general misconception of the poor quality of Asian coffee through improving processing.

This coffee consists of three cultivars; Kartika (the local version of Catimor), S-795 (a local Arabica hybrid) and a very interesting cultivar, called USDA: an Arabica variety with high leaf-rust resistance and Gesha-like properties. These properties are no coincidence since this wild variety was collected from an Ethiopian line in the 1950s in Mizan Tafari, just next to the Geisha region.

The cherries come from various farmers that live in Kintamani, a village on the western side of the Gunung Batu volcano, located between 1200 and 1350 meters above sea level. Temperatures at night lower to 10 degrees while days are steady around 25 degrees, making for a slow maturation of the cherries, resulting in their high sweetness.

After picking the cherries are immediately picked up from the farms and transported to the Karana processing station which is located at a lower elevation of only 600 meters above sea level near the touristic town of Ubud where the conditions are perfect for drying. This is where the cherries are laid out under covers on drying beds for 24hrs, then moved outside to concrete patios in the full sun for 22 days.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Bali
Farm: Karana
Farmer: Kadek Edi
Cultivar: Kartika, S-795, USDA
Growing altitude (MASL): 1300 masl
Processing: Natural

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