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SLURP rare coffee information

SLURP rare coffee information

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Los Lajones 36h Anaerobic Catuaí

Complex, yet clean cup that has notes of pineapple, watermelon candy and ripe strawberry

This coffee comes from the Los Lajones farm that’s located in a whopping altitude of 2050 masl (!!!) in the Boquete region in Panama. The farmer of Los Lajones is no other than Graciano Cruz, an industry legend amongst farmers and processers! Through his Hiu Coffee company, he owns multiple farms in Panama and El Salvador. He’s a pioneering agronomist who taught coffee picking to farmers in Ethiopia back in the day and brought back a lot of knowledge about natural and honey processing which he has been a strong advocate of. To this day, he’s experimenting with different processing methods to bring complexity in coffee.

Graciano founded Los Lajones in 1992 at an extremely high elevation of 2050 meters. The altitude and the fact that Panama is a very narrow piece of land in between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans create a micro-climate where cherries mature slowly and develop beans with dense structure and complex flavours. After picking, the ripe cherries are taken straight to fermentation tanks where they ferment anaerobically for 36 hours. After that, the cherries are dried on raised African beds for approximately 14 days.

Graciano is extremely careful with the fermentation. The result is a complex, yet clean cup that has notes of pineapple, watermelon candy and ripe strawberry. It’s truly incredible what Graciano has been able to create out of this Catuaí!

Country: Boquete
Region: Panama
Farm: Los Lajones
Farmer: Graciano Cruz
Cultivar: Catuaí
Growing altitude (MASL): 2050 masl
Processing: 36-hour anaerobic Natural


SLURP rare V60 brewing guide

Created by: Jarno Peräkylä

  1. Insert paper filter and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Discard water.
  2. Add 20 grams coffee ground similar to domestic filter brewer. Make sure the coffee bed is level.
  3. Pour 60 grams of water (96 °C degrees) on the grounds. Mix gently with a spoon so that all grounds are wet within 15 seconds. Let bloom.
  4. At 0:45, start pouring water evenly all around the slurry with circular motion. No extra turbulence is needed. Stop once you’re at 300 grams water. This should be around 1:20 so adjust the pouring speed accordingly.
  5. Take a spoon and gently stir the surface of the slurry. The idea is to knock particles off from the top edge of filter paper.
  6. At 1:45, grab the V60 and give it a gentle stir, again to knock any high-and-dry grounds from the edge of filter paper.
  7. The total draw down time should be around 2:30-2:45. If the draw is too fast, adjust the grind size finer. If the draw is too slow, adjust the grind size coarser.

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