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#189 Café Nazca: Nazca Decaf

#189 Café Nazca: Nazca Decaf
17.04.2022 severi.sinkko

Fruity sweetness・Chocolate・Smoky

Nazca Decaf

Café Nazca

Roaster: Pasi Pelkonen

This is a blend of our coffee delivery company from the coffees of East Africa and Central America arabica qualities. The decaffeination is conducted by CR3-Kaffeeveredelung, based in Bremen, Germany. The decaffeination method used for this particular coffee Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Decaffeination Process. Decaffeination with natural CO2 is a particularly gentle process, guaranteeing a high retention of aroma and taste components. Especially high-grade specialty coffees benefit from this sensitive treatment.

Country: East-Africa / Central America
Process: CO2

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