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Finca Chelin

Finca Chelin
30.05.2022 Elina Viiala

Finca Chelin

Located in Calendaria Loxica in the state of Oaxaca, ”Chelin” Farm has been producing coffee since 2013 under the management of Enrique López.

The coffee production has been part of Enrique’s life; his great aunt started the coffee production a 1 century ago, her name was Angel Peralta Rodriguez. The name of his farm ”Chelin” refers to the name of Enrique’s mother, ”Graciela”; Mrs. Graciela’s brother-in-law called her ”Chelin”.

Enrique López is known for being an innovative person and his farm is compared to a laboratory where important projects are developed in cultivation, fermentation biochemical processes, endangered species preservation, environmental impact, grafting of soil, improvement of varieties resistant to rust, among others.

One of its environmental focus projects is the program to determine the amount of carbon that the Farm captures year after year.

For the Hydro Natural Washed, cherries are picked very ripe (dark red – purple color, ideally around 26°Brix). After floaters are removed, clean cherries rest in concrete tanks until the next day. Early in the next morning they are put out to dry until they start to become raisin-like (roughly 20 hours of direct sun, thus 3-5 days).

This process is to enhance tartaric acidity and tropical fruity profile. It would be possible to depulp the cherries at this stage. However, they undergo one night of soaking in water which leaves them appearing like freshly picked cherries again and makes depulping possible again. After depulping they are processed like normal washed coffees at Chelin. This process aims to combine the best of two worlds: tartaric acidity and fruity profile and complexity of a natural but clarity and clean aftertaste of a washed.

Expect notes of blood orange, vermouth, tropical fruit

Greetings from the roaster

“Our first coffee from Mexico in over 5 years is this fantastic Gesha Varietal from Enrique Lopèz. This is an experimental processing method, designed to heighten the tropical, fruity profile in the coffee. Enrique is highly influential in Oaxaca, and delivers educational training, talks, and access to buyers for other producers in the region. Enrique’s focus is creating a name for Oaxacan coffees, that are incredibly high quality, and delicious, and this Gesha is testament to that. “

– Scott Tedder, head roaster & green bean buyer

Farm: Finca Chelin
Farmer: Enrique Lopèz
Location: Candelaria Loxicha, Oaxaca
Altitude: 1550-1780 masl
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Hydro Natural Washed



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