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Janson lot 555

Janson lot 555
09.07.2021 severi.sinkko

Janson lot 555

Expect notes of orange blossom, tropical fruits, plum and elegant finish.

The coffee of June comes from one of the family estates of the Janson family in Volcán, Panama. They’re known for their commitment in improving their coffee quality through cultivating and processing and their farms are frequently seen on the top of Best Of Panama score board!

Jansons’ first farm Hacienda Cafetalera was established in 1941, originally a cattle farm by Carl Axel Janson, an immigrant from Sweden. Since that, they’ve founded another farm Los Alpes, their own nursery and beneficio (processing plant), which was built in 1993. The beneficio is dedicated only for specialty coffee which helps to keep different lots separated from each other. Jansons are also committed to improving and protecting the environment. Energy is produced by 400 solar panels, excess matter from processing is used as fertilizer and water for washed processing comes from their own springs.

Our coffee is Gesha variety from the  Los Alpes farm that sits on the slopes of Baru volcano in Talamanca Mountain Range. The volcanic soil, altitude of 1700 meters and the special microclimate in between both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans combined with optimal care of gesha plants results in high quality cherries that are then hand picked and processed with the best practices and latest knowledge about fermentation and drying.

This lot was first anaerobically fermented in tanks for 96 hours. After that, it was sun dried for one day, moved to static dryer for a day and finally, 6 days in mechanical drum drier The result is sweet and complex coffee that supports Panama Gesha’s profile we’ve all grown to know and love!

Country: Panama

Region: Talamanca Mountain Range

Farm: Los Alpes

Farmer: Janson Family

Cultivar: Gesha

Growing altitude (MASL): 1700 masl

Fermentation: Anaerobic 96h

Processing: Natural

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