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SLURP rare coffee information

SLURP rare coffee information

Taste the most unique coffees the world has to offer!

Latest SLURP rare coffee

Rocky Mountain Hercules Gesha

Expect notes of: Bouquet of white flowers in the aroma, sweet apricot and fizzy strawberry lemonade 🌼🍓

In this coffee, the amazingly intense aroma, ripe fruity and berry-like sweetness and complex acidity play together in a way that makes it a great example of competition style coffees we look for in this subscription.

The farm is called Rocky Mountain according to the Rocosa Montana it’s located in Santa Clara, Chiriqui region. The farm sits in 1.875 masl and is run by Allan Hartmann of the legendary Hartmann family. While Allan is the manager of processing at family farm Fnca Hartmann, Rocky Mountain is a smaller farm run by himself. Allan and his siblings are especially known for their strive to test new and advanced processing methods which this Anaerobic Gesha is an excellent example of!

But what’s the name “Hercules” for? We wondered exactly the same and Allan had a wonderful answer for it! The tips of this Gesha’s leaves are brown like Hercules Beetle, which happens to be Allan’s favorite insect and in the logo of their farm! We couldn’t be prouder to offer this coffee from him to you.

When we asked for additional info from Allan for this newsletter, he provided us with some exceptionally specific specs! This specific lot was collected on April 11. After picking, he left the cherries in plastic fermentation tanks for 8 days to go through anaerobic fermentation. After that, the cherries were pulped and taken to African beds for 30 days until the moisture content got to 11%. From there, the parchment was taken to the warehouse to rest for 3 months before the hulling process.

In this coffee you can definitely taste the quality of the ingredients and masterfully performed processing! All the cups we’ve brewed from it have been insanely aromatic, well-structured and sweet and long lasting. For coffees like this, it’s truly a shame we needed to skip the WCC season of 2020!

Country: Panama
Region: Chiriqui
Farm: Rocky Mountain
Farmer: Allan Hartmann
Cultivar: Gesha
Growing altitude (MASL): 1.875 masl
Processing: Anaerobic


SLURP rare V60 brewing guide

Created by: Jarno Peräkylä

  1. Insert the paper filter and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Discard water.
  2. Add 20 grams of coffee ground similar to domestic filter brewer. Make sure the coffee bed is level.
  3. Pour 60 grams of water (96 °C degrees) on the grounds. Mix gently with a spoon so that all grounds are wet within 15 seconds. Let bloom.
  4. At 0:45, start pouring water evenly all around the slurry with a circular motion. No extra turbulence is needed. Stop once you’re at 300 grams water. This should be around 1:20 so adjust the pouring speed accordingly.
  5. Take a spoon and gently stir the surface of the slurry. The idea is to knock particles off from the top edge of filter paper.
  6. At 1:45, grab the V60 and give it a gentle stir, again to knock any high-and-dry grounds from the edge of filter paper.
  7. The total draw downtime should be around 2:30-2:45. If the draw is too fast, adjust the grind size finer. If the draw is too slow, adjust the grind size coarser.