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SLURP rare coffee information

SLURP rare coffee information

Taste the most unique coffees the world has to offer!

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The coffee  comes from the farm called Finca Santa Teresta that’s located in Santa Clara near the Volcán Barú; Panama’s highest peak.

FST is renowned farm that produces lineup of premium quality specialty coffee and they’re a familiar name in the finals of Best Of Panama competition. They specialize in premium level coffees including Caturra, Pacamara, Typica – and Gesha!

The Farm’s terroir – rich volcanic soils, high altitude, weather systems driven by the Pacific and Atlantic and a series of ridges and valleys – drives coffee redolent of honeysuckle, lychee and strawberries.

The coffee we feature from them is a very specific lot called Zorro from 1570 masl lot of the farm. It consists predominantly of bronze tip Gesha and is then natural processed with stunning results!

Zorro occupies a beautiful plot which faces the sunrise, and benefits from good shade from surrounding native trees. To achieve this natural process the cherry is picked when fully ripe and within hours spread out on raised beds under high altitude sun. The cherry is turned every few hours for even drying. This drying takes 4-6 weeks. FST finishes off the drying in the oven to help with evenness of moisture and water content before hulling.

It’s not entirely unique to get a flavor profile that’s so close to orange juice but it’s not unheard of! This lot for sure is one of them and it knocked us off our feet when we came across it in the sample cupping!

Expect notes of Capri Sun juice box, tropical fruit punch, sparkling acidity

This amazing coffee was sourced and roasted by our good friends at Manhattan Coffee Roasters in Rotterdam, Netherlands! They’re definitely one of the most interesting roasters in Europe at the moment and their green coffee collaborations with farmers are off the charts. We certainly hope this one to be the first of many with them and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t yet!


Country: Panama

Region: Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Panama 

Farm: Finca Santa Teresa

Cultivar: Gesha

Altitude: 1570 MASL (average)

Processing: Natural


SLURP rare V60 brewing guide

Created by: Jarno Peräkylä

  1. Insert the paper filter and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Discard water.
  2. Add 20 grams of coffee ground similar to domestic filter brewer. Make sure the coffee bed is level.
  3. Pour 60 grams of water (96 °C degrees) on the grounds. Mix gently with a spoon so that all grounds are wet within 15 seconds. Let bloom.
  4. At 0:45, start pouring water evenly all around the slurry with a circular motion. No extra turbulence is needed. Stop once you’re at 300 grams water. This should be around 1:20 so adjust the pouring speed accordingly.
  5. Take a spoon and gently stir the surface of the slurry. The idea is to knock particles off from the top edge of filter paper.
  6. At 1:45, grab the V60 and give it a gentle stir, again to knock any high-and-dry grounds from the edge of filter paper.
  7. The total draw downtime should be around 2:30-2:45. If the draw is too fast, adjust the grind size finer. If the draw is too slow, adjust the grind size coarser.

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