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SLURP rare coffee information

SLURP rare coffee information

Taste the most unique coffees the world has to offer!

Latest SLURP rare coffee

Diego Bermudez Thermal Shock Washed Gesha


This coffee comes from Colombia from Finca El Paraiso. As the name itself hints, it can be considered as an exceptional heaven of growing and processing coffee. Diego Bermudez is a man filled with innovative ideas and a true genius behind this coffee.

Farm: Finca El Paraiso
Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez
Country: Colombia
Micro Region: Cauca
Altitude: 1950 masl
Variety: Gesha
Processing: Extended Anaerobic Fermentation & Thermal Shock Washed

Expect notes of: White florals, fizzy peaches, oolong tea, amazing structure, cranberry and a sparkling acidity


Pioneering a truly sustainable coffee chain

El Paraíso is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for coffee. We were the first farm in Colombia and perhaps in the world to treat all the water that enters and leaves our processing plant. And now, by merging sustainability initiatives with advanced coffee processing technologies and an innovative co-production model, we are leveraging experience across critical sectors for the future of the coffee industry, ensuring better quality of life for small coffee farmers, reducing the environmental impact caused by artisanal coffee production, protecting the biome around us and thereby advancing sustainability agendas for coffee companies, roasters and consumers around the world.

Family on a mission

El Paraiso is a family business. Diego Samuel and his family have worked together to create a wide range of high-quality coffees with ongoing consistency. Their crew consists of 4 family members, and 8 employees. They follow the fertilisation programs strictly according to the necessities of their trees and they have developed advanced fermentation, washing techniques and using self-collected micro-organisms. Diego has even developed his own environmentally friendly driers that work on a condensation principle.

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SLURP rare V60 brewing guide

Created by: Jarno Peräkylä

  1. Insert the paper filter and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Discard water.
  2. Add 20 grams of coffee ground similar to domestic filter brewer. Make sure the coffee bed is level.
  3. Pour 60 grams of water (96 °C degrees) on the grounds. Mix gently with a spoon so that all grounds are wet within 15 seconds. Let bloom.
  4. At 0:45, start pouring water evenly all around the slurry with a circular motion. No extra turbulence is needed. Stop once you’re at 300 grams water. This should be around 1:20 so adjust the pouring speed accordingly.
  5. Take a spoon and gently stir the surface of the slurry. The idea is to knock particles off from the top edge of filter paper.
  6. At 1:45, grab the V60 and give it a gentle stir, again to knock any high-and-dry grounds from the edge of filter paper.
  7. The total draw downtime should be around 2:30-2:45. If the draw is too fast, adjust the grind size finer. If the draw is too slow, adjust the grind size coarser.