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SLURP rare coffee information

SLURP rare coffee information

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Jairo Lopez Honey Gesha

In May we get to enjoy this natural processed Gesha! Alexander from Standout Coffee comments that this is his (and yours) newest coffee obsession: Colombia Chilled Anaerobic Honey Gesha by Jairo Lopez! This coffee is a true ”standout” with its floral, tropical fruit notes and juicy mouthfeel. We at Slurped cupped this over a month ago, and immediately locked it into this delivery as our selection!


Farm: La Esperanza
Farmer: Jairo Lopez
Location:  Quindio – Pijao, Colombia
Altitude:   1670 masl
Varietal:  Geisha
Process:  Anaerobic Honey

Jairo Lopez, a renowned coffee producer, has created something truly special with his Gesha-Honey coffee beans. Grown on the La Esperanza farm in Quindio-Pijao, Colombia, at an altitude of 1670 meters above sea level, the beans are surrounded by oak trees, leucadena, and fruit and citrus trees that provide natural shade.
The farm spans 13 ½ hectares, making it a significant contributor to the local coffee industry. This gesha has undergone a chilled anaerobic fermented honey process, which results in a unique flavor profile with notes of rose petals, peach, and mango, with an elegant and long finish. Jairo Lopez’s dedication to quality and sustainable practices is evident in every cup of his coffee.
In the La Esperanza farms, the methodology of planting and caring for the environment is essential. Farmers are aware of the change that must be made in our crops. Non-use of chemicals, shade, pruning our trees should not be cut down for 20-25 years, maintaining its production during all this time, thus keeping the legacy alive for many years.

Mr. Jairo López Agudelo, a civil engineer by profession, gave up a successful career to dedicate himself to his passion, the love of coffee. His father migrated to the Quindio mountain range where he acquired land, leaving his 14 children with farms in the Quindío municipalities. For more than 40 years the family lived from coffee and it was 10 years ago where Don Jairo with his brothers Edilberto, Jorge and Cesar who make up the Society López Agudelo y Cia. Limitada made the decision to change their traditional cultivation farms for specialty crops with exotic varietals, such as Gesha, Java, Mocca, Bourbon and Castillo.

This society of brothers has 4 farms where their lands cover 97 cultivated hectares, where Mr. Jairo has been in charge of giving special management to their crops so that their development is optimal and lasting. The Lopez family has a coffee trading company where they take care of the entire process, from harvesting the fruit to the final assembly of the green bean, where they deliver to buyers from all over the world.

The generational change is something very important in this family since Mr.Jairo and his brothers have followed the legacy that his father left them and now it is his children and his nephew who are in charge of the different processes of the coffee.

Jairo Lopez has created something truly special with his farm and specifically this honey processed gesha. The “anaerobic honey” process involves using a specific fermentation technique in which the coffee cherries are partially dried with their mucilage intact, creating a sweet and fruity flavor profile. The coffee is then stored in an oxygen-free environment to undergo a slow fermentation process, which enhances its unique taste and aroma.

This gesha coffee has undergone a chilled anaerobic fermented honey process, which results in a unique flavor profile with notes of rose petals, peach, and mango, with an elegant and long finish.

Expect notes of: rose petals, peach, mango with an elegant and long finish

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SLURP rare V60 brewing guide

Created by: Jarno Peräkylä

  1. Insert the paper filter and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Discard water.
  2. Add 20 grams of coffee ground similar to domestic filter brewer. Make sure the coffee bed is level.
  3. Pour 60 grams of water (96 °C degrees) on the grounds. Mix gently with a spoon so that all grounds are wet within 15 seconds. Let bloom.
  4. At 0:45, start pouring water evenly all around the slurry with a circular motion. No extra turbulence is needed. Stop once you’re at 300 grams water. This should be around 1:20 so adjust the pouring speed accordingly.
  5. Take a spoon and gently stir the surface of the slurry. The idea is to knock particles off from the top edge of filter paper.
  6. At 1:45, grab the V60 and give it a gentle stir, again to knock any high-and-dry grounds from the edge of filter paper.
  7. The total draw downtime should be around 2:30-2:45. If the draw is too fast, adjust the grind size finer. If the draw is too slow, adjust the grind size coarser.

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