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La Cafe Y Procesos

La Cafe Y Procesos
28.04.2022 sofia.slurp

Cafe Y Procesos

Jorge Elias Rojas Vasquez was born in 1989 in La Armenia, Planadas, Tolima. When he was 12 years old his father died, so he had to take care of his mother from that day on. He was not able to finish school since he had to tend to the crops since he was a boy. Today, with over 20 years of experience in growing and collecting coffee he has a 7-year-old son that follows his footsteps. His farm has a natural reserve, waterfalls and a large variety of birds. It is surrounded with mountains mainly used for coffee growing, where he has 3 hectares of coffee; with yellow caturra, pink bourbon and pacamara varieties.

The coffee was processed via enclosed fermentation in jugs during 36 hours after depulping. Fermentation is done with a pH of 6.2 to start off the initial phase, and 4.8 pH during its final phase.

Drying is done through exterior drying beds at an average 26 degrees celsius at its initial phase and in a parabolic drying system at 34 degrees in its final phase; with a total of 28 days of drying.

Expect notes of creamy strawberry, florals and tropical fruits in an overall clean and crispy cup.

Greetings from the roaster

“Geisha coffees have reputation to be notoriously hard to roast. There is some truth behind this claim as very large bean size leaves no room for roasting errors – but doesn’t the same thing apply on any given coffee?

Finding the perfect profile for this natural Geisha was fun but time consuming. We did dozens of test roasts with Ikawa sample roaster to find out what really works with this coffee before utilizing that knowledge to roasting with our 12kg Probat. We went for rather quick profile with high energy in the drying phase to hit maillard and first crack sooner, but also maintain enough energy after the first crack to have good level of development.

End result is extremely sweet and clean coffee with high complexity, highlighting taste notes of creamy strawberry & mango, passion fruit, stone fruit and those floral notes that make these geisha coffees so special.

This is one of those coffees that have gone the same process in our roasting as all of our winning competition coffees and I would be happy to bring this one to the world stage!”

Farm: Cafe Y Procesos
Farmer: Jorge Elias Rojas Vasquez
Location: Tolima, Colombia
Altitude: 1900 masl
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural

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