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Finca El Amparo

Finca El Amparo
26.01.2020 Maria Ariyo

Finca El Amparo

Expect notes of canned pineapple, stewed plum and red grape with aromatic spices like clove in the aftertaste.

Our coffee this month comes from some unusual circumstances. It was grown at Finca El Amparo in Nicaragua, a small 4mz piece of land in Nueva Segovia region Don Reginaldo has been taking care of with his family for decades. The processing, however, was done by a company called Bridazul. Bridazul was founded by Claudia Lovo and Tim Willems in 2018/2019. Their business is to buy cherries from farmers and handle the processing. The philosophy is that “everybody should focus on where they’re good at”. During their relatively short period of operating time, Bridazul has collaborated with companies like Project Origin producing amazing results with creative fermentation methods.

This coffee is Maracaturra cultivar. After picking, the cherries were put into closed buckets for 144-hour well-monitored anaerobic fermentation. After fermentation, the cherries were dried on raised beds under a shade net for 32 days. This unusually long processing creates a lot of mature flavours in the cup, like intense tropical fruit and cooked stone fruit. It’s remarkable how clean and vibrant this coffee is after such a long fermentation and drying time which speaks of a high level of expertise in processing. The aftertaste is clean and acidity reminds me of red grape. This is a complex coffee, guys!

Country: Nicaragua
Region: La Tablazon
Farm: Finca El Amparo
Farmer: Reginaldo Castellano
Cultivar: Maracaturra
Growing altitude (MASL): 1400m
Processing: Extended fermentation (by Bridazul)

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