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Gesha Village Anaerobic Gori Gesha

Gesha Village Anaerobic Gori Gesha
28.12.2019 Maria Ariyo

Gesha Village Anaerobic Gori Gesha

Expect notes of stewed strawberry, dried apricot, white flower and sparkling acidity of ripe strawberry.

Gesha Village was established 10 years ago in Bench Maji Ethiopia close to the South Sudan border. The farmers Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton collected the seedlings to their farm from Gori Gesha coffee forest that is believed to be the place where Panamanian Gesha seedlings were collected. At Gesha Village, they have two types of Gesha; Gesha 1931 which resembles genetically Panamanian Gesha, and Gori Gesha heirloom which represents the genetic variety of Gori forest. Our coffee is the Gori Gesha variety.

This 471-hectare farm has been divided into 8 blocks which are essentially sub-farms inside the Village in order to help keep lots and experiments separate more easily. Our coffee comes from the Northeast block of the farm called Shewa-Jibabu. In this 48,5 hectare block, there’s only Gori Gesha and altitude varies both sides of 2000 meters above sea level.

After being hand-picked, the cherries were fermented in oxygen-free containers for 13 hours. Then, the whole cherries were dried in direct sunlight for one day and then in shade for 33 days. This extremely long drying time together with anaerobic fermentation makes the flavour notes of this coffee intensively sweet and complex.

More info:

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Bench Maji
Farm: Gesha Village
Farmer: Adam Overton, Rachel Samuel
Cultivar: Gori Gesha
Growing altitude (MASL): 1973-2069m
Processing: Anaerobic Natural process 13-hour Fermentation

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