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El Paraiso

El Paraiso
21.05.2021 severi.sinkko

El Paraíso

Expect notes of floral aroma, lychee, raspberry juice & peach

This month, we’re doing something a bit different! We are pleased to introduce you for the first time ever as a roaster of SLURPrare coffee, Mr. Kazukiyo Suzuki of GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS in Tokyo!

Glitch Coffee was established in 2014 in Kanda, Tokyo. Mr Suzuki, the owner and the roaster, founded Glitch after working years under the 2003 World Barista Champion Paul Bassett being involved in the purchase of coffee in South Korea and other Asian countries. He’s based his roasting style and approach to coffee on this experience and you could say that he’s among people who established light roasted coffee in Japan.

Mr.Suzuki first encountered El Paraíso at the coffee festival in China in 2019. After going through booths of over 50 world-class roasters in the huge convention hall, he stopped by to taste coffee from Amber Coffee Roasters from Hong Kong. He tasted clearly distinct notes of lychee and peach in the cup which led him to find out where the coffee was from. Since 2020, El Paraíso has been in Glitch’s portfolio.
El Paraíso is a family-owned farm owned by Diego Samuel Bermúdez and his family in the province of Cauca, Colombia. He started growing coffee 13 years ago and has been enthusiastically growing trees while making a large investment.
During the last few years, Diego & El Paraiso have been best known for their approach to processing. Their “thermal shock” method is about exposing cherries and mucilage to waters of different temperatures in order to control the fermentation process. This method results in incredibly aromatic and complex cups of coffees that have been celebrated around the world.

The name “double anaerobic” refers to two separate fermentations. The first fermentation was done to whole cherries in hermetically sealed tanks and the second one’s done to mucilage after depulping. This processing helps Diego to capture wanted notes from anaerobic fermentation into the beans while reaching incredibly clean and distinct cup profile.

Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Farm: La Negrita
Farmer: Mauricio Shattah
Cultivar: Yellow Gesha
Growing altitude (MASL): 1.900 – 2.150 masl
Processing: Honey Layered Fermentation

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