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What coffee do you like?

We deliver coffee that you like and make your daily moments special.

Surprise them with delicious coffee

Give a gift that keeps on giving.

What would life be without delicious coffee?

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We offer already the most delicious coffees from +20 Finnish artisan roasters always freshly roasted. From us you can also find the most delicious fresh loose-leaf teas from top producers.


Have a question about coffee, tea or our services? We are always more than happy to help. Taking care of our customers is our most important task.


All our coffees and teas will be delivered straight to your home in envelopes that fit through the mailslot. This way you can get the shipments in the most convenient way. All our other products can also be ordered with home delivery world-wide.

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Why the SLURP coffee experience?

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The amazing artisans who create your coffees

We work with the most passionate and skilled artisans, who hand-roast each coffee with love and care. It’s their passion to make the coffee amazing, and ours to deliver it to you.

Learn their stories

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Learn about coffee

Learn how to get more out of your own coffee at home. With our ABC to better coffee you can learn and understand how amazing coffee can be.

Brew like a pro

Check out our brewing guides to discover new ways to get more out the coffee.

Choose a delicious and ethical coffee experience!