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Sudan Rume, Café Granja la Esperanza

Sudan Rume, Café Granja la Esperanza
08.09.2020 Maria Ariyo

Sudan Rume, Café Granja la Esperanza

Floral aroma, juicy tropical fruit, coriander seed, fresh peach acidity and a vivacious finish.

You may have read this from our Instagram posts but we’ll say it again: we are SO excited to share another coffee from the Colombian coffee superstars Café Granja La Esperanza with you! 🎉 Their coffees have been in World Coffee Competition Finals more than once or twice and it’s always such a treat to receive a bag from them. The coffee we’re sharing with you is of Sudan Rume varietal that Café Granja grows at their Las Margaritas farm in Cauca Valley, Colombia.

Las Margaritas is a 33,8 hectare farm located in Cauca Valley, in the Caicedonia department of West Colombia. Coffees of this farm grow on 14 separate lots in 1.570-1.850 meters above sea level. This Sudan Rume was first hand-picked carefully as part of the peak harvest so that all cherries had ripened as uniformly as possible. After picking, the cherries are fermented with the cherry for 19-22 hours. After that, they’re pulped without using water and fermented with mucilage for another 35 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is dried slowly on solar driers for 28 days and left in storage for at least 3 months to stabilize it and reduce astringency.

Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca Valley
Farm: Las Margaritas
Farmer: Cafe Granja La Esperanza
Cultivar: Sudan Rume
Growing altitude (MASL): 1570-1850 masl
Processing: Hybrid Washed

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