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SLURP coffee experience

What would life be without amazing coffee?

Slurp transforms your coffee moments into an experience

Experience the joy of delicious, fresh coffee. The SLURP coffee experience delivers freshly roasted artisan coffee based on your preferences directly to your home. We select a new and exciting coffee from one of our 20 partner roasteries for each delivery in a package that fits conveniently into your mailbox.


⭐ First delivery without postage

⭐ Edit your order anytime

⭐ No commitments

⭐ Support sustainable and transparent coffee production

How the coffee experience works

Freshly roasted coffee from the best artisan roasters delivered to your home according to your preferences.

Tell us what you like

All the upcoming coffees are selected accordingly. Additionally you choose the size and interval, we take care of the rest. Let the adventure begin!

Freshly roasted from Finnish artisans

In co-operation with already 20 Finnish artisan roasters we ship hand-roasted, fresh coffees to you. In addition, you support sustainable coffee production.

Delivered to your doorstep

All coffees come straight from the roaster to your home. Our service doesn’t bind you to anything and you can make changes anytime.

Start the experience!!

Our coffee is better

How do you like your coffee? Maybe you like full, rich flavours. Maybe you prefer something light and berry-like. Beans or ground? Coarse enough for a french press or a fine espresso with a beautiful crema? Light or dark roast? Two or four cups a day?

Which ever way you want your coffee and regardless of how particular you are about the flavour, Slurp offers a way to enjoy coffee served in the best cafes — at home. We work with more than 20 of the best artisan roasters in Finland to bring experiences to your coffee moments. Our partners’ passion is to create coffees with unbeatable flavours. To achieve that, not only does the coffee need to be extremely high-quality, the production chain from farmer to roaster needs to be sustainable and transparent.

What does all this mean? Better coffee, for one. All the coffee is roasted just for you and delivered, when the flavours are at their peak — only fresh and delicious flavours. If you are looking for old coffee, that has been sitting in the store for weeks…. well that might be about the only thing our coffee service can’t do for you!

Frequently asked questions

How often will I receive coffee?

How often will I receive coffee?

The SLURP coffee experience coffees are delivered every 2 or 4 weeks. The delivery interval is set while making the order and can easily be changed from your account.

Can I modify the SLURP coffee experience?

Can I modify my SLURP coffee experience?

Yes! It’s easy to edit your choices anytime through your own account.

You can do it easily through your own account.

By clicking “Change Selections” you are moved to a screen where you can edit your selections. After selecting your new preferences, you still need to move to checkout to confirm your selections.

Switching your subscription is free, unless you change the coffee bag size to a bigger one.

Can I skip shipments?

Can I skip coffees/shipments?

Going on holiday or have too much coffee? You can put your subscription on hold anytime in your own account.

  1. Sign in to your own account.
  2. You should see your dashboard (on mobile scroll down).
  3. Click on “Suspend” on the subscription that you want to put on hold.

After suspending your subscription your subscription won’t be charged and no more coffee will be roasted.

Please note that any coffees that have already been charged will still be delivered. Subscriptions renew always 14 days before the next delivery.

Can I order more of a coffee that I really liked?

Can I order more of a coffee that I really liked?

The coffees delivered in SLURP coffee experience are often exclusive roasts only for our subscribers, but sometimes you might be in luck.

How do I know, if there is more coffee available for single orders?

You can find the information of the availability of the coffee by clicking the button below. The selection will be updated according to the availability.

Check which coffees can be ordered more
Why is the same coffee not always available?

When it comes to Third Wave coffees, the harvests and lots a often limited and unique. That’s why the same coffee might not be available other than a very limited time. Coffees presented in the SLURP coffee experience subscriptions are often small batches that the roaster simply might not have more available.

Can I get a similar coffee?

Dont hesitate to browse our coffee selection or contact us, in case you’d like our recommendation on what could be the best fit for a coffee that you really liked before.

What is Third wave coffee?

Third wave coffee

Third wave coffee is especially delicious coffee with a high grade in quality.

Specialty coffee is grown in special and ideal environments and they are distinguishable from other coffees due to their rich flavour. Third wave coffee has no defects and bad beans have been taken out of the lot.

High quality varieties need very demanding care so that the flavours of the coffee berry would develop to maximal deliciousness. Third wave coffees usually grow between 1500-2000 meters above sea level — sometimes even higher. It is also important that the coffee is grown in the shade of so called shading trees and not in constant direct sunlight.

Why is coffee at the store cheaper than Slurp coffee?

Price of artisan coffee

Many people feel like the price of artisan coffee is high, but it is made up from multiple pieces.

The roasteries Slurp works with get their raw coffee either directly from farmers or through companies that are specialized in high quality small batch coffees.

Direct trade between roasters and farmers helps improving farms, farmers getting fair pay and quality of life, both through schooling and medical care.

Artisan coffee is cultivated in areas, where picking by machine is not possible and where the coffee trees are grown under shade trees. This means the production isn’t as high-producing as it could be, but the quality is higher.

  • Fair wages to farmers
  • High quality
  • Ecologically and socially sustainable production

And above all — delicious coffee!

Is specialty coffee for me?

The short answer is: YES!

High-quality, fresh and delicious coffee is for everyone!

You don’t have to know anything about coffee to enjoy specialty coffee. Slurp regularly delivers fresh artisan coffee based on your flavour preferences.

You can edit your order, pause or cancel it at any time. We want to offer everyone the most delicious coffee experience, while supporting both ethically and socially sustainable coffee.

Can I order a sample?

Would you like to try the Slurp coffee experience coffees?

The SLURP sample lets you easily test a flavour profile.

If you are not sure about what flavour world you need, you can easily test it by getting the SLURP sample bag.

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