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A very dark roast is a coffee that has been roasted really dark, where the oils in the coffee start to separate and tend to stick to the surface of the bean. This makes the bean glossy and dark brown, almost black, all over. This category includes, for example, French roast, where there is no longer any acidity or strong fruity and berry aromas present. We also call these very dark roasts ‘midnight roasts’ because of their dark and intense character.

A very dark roast has a strong roasted flavour, which may even give the coffee a slightly bitter aroma. Dark-roasted coffees are generally rich and full-bodied in mouthfeel, with dark chocolate as the dominant flavour. You can also taste the sweetness of dark syrup, dry cocoa powder, spiciness and also a pleasant cigar-like flavour, as roasted and smoky aromas are also often present in these roasts. With milk, the coffee’s roasted aromas are clearly detectable, which is why this roast is often used for lattes and cafe au lait, for example.

Strong and hearty – see if a very dark roast would be a good choice for you!