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A unique tasting journey for your staff and beyond

The Slurp coffee and tea experience refreshes long days at the office, surprises you time after time and tells your colleagues that they are appreciated.


Slurp offers unique concepts for serving coffee and tea, built around the needs of the staff.
Express company values and increase employee satisfaction
through your coffee solutions.


New experiences with a twist

Artisan coffees from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. Changing coffee varieties or employee favorites, based on your preferences, including organic coffees.


Quality & sustainability

Our service conveys values of high quality, ecological production as well as ethical choices.


A refreshing perk to your workday

The SLURP coffee and tea experience is an employee perk everyone truly appreciates.

Case: Mothership of Work — a revolutionary work community

Mothership of work is an innovative office hub concept for creative professionals. In cooperation with M.O.W. and their customers we created a coffee and tea serving concept to convey the comfort and values of the future. There, coffee became an exciting experience that improves your workday instead of just being the same old and familiar joe. On top of the regularly varying artisan coffees and fresh teas, Slurp offers M.O.W. high quality serving solutions fit for the M.O.W. identity.

Mothership of Work tailored solution:

  • Varying coffees from Finnish artisan roasteries every 2 weeks.
  • Varying high quality fresh teas by usage.
  • 3 x CQube coffee machine – the most innovative coffee machines on the market.
  • Kettles and tea accessories.
  • Machine maintenance service and regular recipe adjustements.
  • Information about the origin of the coffees as well as the roast on arrival of new coffees.
  • A flexible service, always developed by carefully listening to the needs of the staff.

Some of our Customers

Sulava - Creating Better Worklife

Our coffee experts are at your service!

Aki Nurminen 
Head of sales & machines
+358 50 547 5608

Max Wikholm 
Coffee Consultant, Key Account Manager
+358 50 547 5582

Sara Saarikko 
Coffee Consultant, Key Account Manager
+358 50 5568 391

Manuel Linnankoski

Coffee is already an incremental part of workdays. However, we at Slurp strive for more. Our curiosity took us to find the most important qualities – flavor, quality and sustainability. Roastery by roastery, cup by cup, bean by bean we appreached our target.We learned to demand flavor, quality and sustainability instead of mental images and hype. Office coffee can actually taste good as well as convey values and experiences, that leave a mark. This idea grew into Slurp.

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