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Coffee is a cornerstone of Finnish culture and important to many people. Not everyone can drink coffee because of the caffeine it contains, so fortunately there is decaffeinated coffee. We want to offer speciality coffees for everyone, so we also offer decaffeinated speciality coffees!

Decaffeinated coffee has evolved a lot over the years, and nowadays you can’t necessarily taste the difference between it and traditional coffee. All decaffeination processes take place before the coffee beans are roasted, i.e. while they are still raw. These methods have been developed to have the least possible impact on the taste and characteristics of the coffee beans – and are not harmful to your health! Caffeine can be removed with a solvent or organically by water or carbon dioxide extraction.

If you identify as a heavy coffee drinker and have experienced symptoms of caffeine overdose, you may want to consider switching at least some of the coffee you consume to a decaffeinated alternative. Take a look at the options and choose your favourite!