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Between light and dark roast coffee, you will find medium roast coffee. The medium roast coffees have a slightly longer roast time and the beans are taken out of the roaster at a higher final temperature. This further reduces the acidity of the coffee, while at the same time allowing the flavours of dark roast coffee to be slightly recognised. Thus, medium-roast coffees may appeal to those who find light-roast coffees too acidic, while dark-roast coffees may taste too roasty.

Medium-roast coffees have the best of both worlds, as they often offer fruity and other lively flavours, topped with flavours such as milk chocolate and walnut, as the beans have reached a rich caramelisation during roasting. The medium roast coffee also has a slight acidity, which brings out the coffee’s distinctive flavour in a pleasant way. Often, however, the coffee is more mellow than acidic.