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SLURP sample box

Try the SLURP coffee experience – order a sample box!

An easy way for you to find your favourite roast level.

The SLURP coffee experience is a coffee subscription that takes you on a taste journey around the world, always offering something new to experience and enjoy.

And since coffee is a matter of taste, we want to give you the chance to start your delicious journey in the world of coffee in the form of a sample box.

Order SLURP sample box!

How the sample box works


Get a sample box

The coffees are delivered to your mailbox fresh, straight from the roastery and including four different flavour profiles: light, medium, dark and midnight.


Taste the coffee

You will receive 4 x 60 grams of delicious coffee that will help you find your flavour profile and tailor your delicious coffee experience!


Tailor your own SLURP coffee experience

Once you find the roast and flavour profile that matches your taste, you can order the SLURP coffee experience! You can modify your experience at any time. Our passion is providing flexible coffee experiences!

You can choose whether you want the coffee as beans or ground to your brewing method of choice. After this you’ll just fill in the shipping details at the checkout. Then the sample box will be freshly roasted uniquely for you!

Which flavour profile should I pick?

The sample box includes four different flavour profiles which will make it easy to find the roast that suits your taste the best!

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SLURP light

SLURP light coffee experience coffees represent lightness and freshness. The flavours of the coffee vary from fruity citrus notes to sweet berries.

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SLURP medium

The SLURP medium coffee experience coffees have soft and rich flavours. The coffee flavour nuances vary between nutty and milk-chocolaty to brown sugar and ripe fruits..

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SLURP dark

SLURP dark coffee experience coffees are robust and rich: nuts, caramel and chocolate. The nuances might bring notes of brown sugar, spices and smokiness.

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SLURP midnight

The SLURP midnight coffee experience coffees are full-bodied, strong and bold. The carrying themes are strong flavours typical to dark roasted coffee such as dry cocoa, dark chocolate and spiciness.

SLURP coffee experience – what is it?

Get ready to taste the best coffees of your life! The SLURP coffee experience serves carefully curated artisan roasted coffees to suit your taste preferences directly to your mailbox. Explore the options, tell us what you like and we’ll do the rest!

What is SLURP coffee experience?

Who are we?

Slurp is a startup aiming to revolutionize the way the world drinks coffee. Together with our partner roasters, we deliver sustainably produced, delicious high quality coffee. Changing the world for the better, one cup at a time.

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