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Careers at Slurp

About us

Our Story

Our founders, Manuel, Rafael and Tero found a mutual vision for a coffee company of the future in the summer of 2014. Preceding this moment, three innovative, yet differing paths of life and a deep dive into the world of coffee had taken place. Indeed, super high quality coffee was already to be found, but to acquire it was almost impossible. The same applies to the whole world. We are now on the path to change that.

What Slurp?

Slurp is a coffee subscription service that brings the most delicious artisan coffees straight into your mailbox or workplace. The selection covers already 70 (and constantly more) artisan roasters, who send the coffee straight from their roasters to our customers. Fresh, ecological and easy!

Our team?

We believe the team is everything. It’s the people who make a company, not the other way around. At Slurp everyone’s ideas and opinions matter – we want to always improve and become better together. We also believe that working should be about learning and trying to find the best way to do something, not the way that something has always been done.

Open Positions

Full-time Key Account Manager

Want to join a team of passionate and skilled coffee lovers and become a part of accelerating the world’s transition towards sustainable coffee?

Key Account Managers represent the Slurp brand and play a key role in ensuring the success of the Finnish office and in inspiring the colleagues with her/his expertise and personality. The candidate will have the opportunity to tap into the potential the Finnish market holds while acting as a true advocate for data-driven sales and marketing.

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What we offer

At Slurp, we take your well-being seriously and do the best we can for you to stay happy, relaxed and productive.

Tools you need

Pick your favourite from Windows, Mac or Linux or whatever else you desire.

Best coffee & tea

At Slurp, you’ll always enjoy the most interesting and delicious coffees and tea.

Coffee subscription

All employees at Slurp get a free coffee subscription to their home and discounts on everything else.

Health insurance

Stay healthy with the amazing health insurance we offer all employees.

Lunch benefit

Eating well and together is very important. That’s why we offer our employees a lunch benefit on top of salary.

Develop yourself

Books, seminars, courses etc. to develop yourself professionally.

Enjoy work

Our whole team is committed to creating a great & relaxed working environment which we always develop.

Great location

Our office is situated in a great location in the heart of Helsinki.