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About us

Our Story

Our founders, Manuel, Rafael and Tero found a mutual vision for a coffee company of the future in the summer of 2014. Preceding this moment, three innovative, yet differing paths of life and a deep dive into the world of coffee had taken place. Indeed, super high quality coffee was already to be found, but to acquire it was almost impossible. The same applies to the whole world. We are now on the path to change that.

What Slurp?

Slurp is a coffee subscription service that brings the most delicious artisan coffees straight into your mailbox or workplace. The selection covers already 20 (and constantly more) artisan roasters, who send the coffee straight from their roastries to our customers. Fresh, ecological and easy!

Our team?

We believe the team is everything. It’s the people who make a company, not the other way around. At Slurp everyone’s ideas and opinions matter – we want to always improve and become better together. We also believe that working should be about learning and trying to find the best way to do something, not the way that something has always been done.

Full Stack Developer

Helsinki, Finland

We are looking for a developer to start a new era in Slurp’s technical development.


  • Together we’ll create something the world has not yet seen.
  • Curiosity and passion to learn and try new things.
  • Full stack (or curiosity to quickly adopt new technologies).
  • Modern JavaScript (or TypeScript) and HTML/CSS skills
  • Bonus points from C# (.net) or other object oriented language, some functional language, UX & machine learning interest/experience.
  • Fluent English (Finnish and other languages appreciated).
  • Location Helsinki, Finland.

Read more about the developer position

So far we have been working with technologies and limitations posed mainly by the capabilities of the founders. Most of the things you see on our current web page are self-developed with some outsourced exceptions.

Currently the site is slow and relies on technologies that are closer to being teenagers — and are exactly as cooperative as you’d expect a teenager to be. We want to change this completely: we are now embarking on a path to become a staple of technological innovation. We have already imagined the path, but we lack the person who has the skill to turn it into reality.

To give an idea about what our future will hold, we are changing our whole system from a typical, centralised WordPress solution to a scalable, device agnostic webapp that will be built out of independent modules to enable flexibility.

As our first full time developer, we need you to be comfortable no matter whether you are working on scalable server architecture, fine-tuning frontend user experience or brainstorming unforeseen technological approaches. In short, a full stack type of person.

You will have real opportunity to make your mark and affect change on a global level — not only on how coffee is consumed, but how technology can be applied to everyday life and to affect cultural change.

Currently we use mostly JavaScript, C# and PHP, but from the last one we are hoping to move away from as soon as possible. Above all we’d like you to be fluent in modern JavaScript (or TypeScript), perhaps even have some experience with a functional language and an interest in machine learning.

Lastly, but most importantly, we need a person who shares our endless curiosity towards new things and wants to make a difference.


We’d love to hear from you!


Contact / more information

Rafael Linnankoski

Graphic Designer

Helsinki, Finland

Graphic designer wanted!

Are you a graphic designer looking for a spot where you can see the evolution of your work past the typical handoff? Do you like to work with a myriad of design environments ranging from front end to packaging and further?


  • Become a part of something bigger and see your work evolve
  • Digital (UI, UX, ads etc.), packaging and traditional print design.
  • First part-time, later full-time.
  • Fluent Finnish and English as a working language.
  • Location central Helsinki, Finland.

Read more about the designer position

We are looking for a graphic designer, who can take our redesigned and yet unpublished new visual identity and put it out into the world through a myriad of applications: you will be working above all else in a digital environment on our online identity, but also with traditional print, packaging design and everything that a constantly growing company needs.

The position is part-time at first (flexible, about three days a week), but we are looking for a person, who would like to become an integral part of our story and develop the visual identity as we evolve together. In other words, you will have a chance to be part of a constantly developing visual identity and see it further than just the typical handoff at the end of a design project.

Everyone in our team is also included in service and product development, so you will have a chance to affect the bigger picture and bring design thinking into company processes outside of more typical design work.

You should be comfortable with basic design software (Adobe CS, or for instance Affinity) and modern web design. Front end coding skills are a big plus (or curiosity to learn), since a big part will also be designing the UI (and UX) of our service. Our team is multicultural and we use more and more English as our working language.


We’d love to hear from you!


Rafael Linnankoski

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