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Switching Your Subscription

  1. Under your active subscription, locate the button “Change Selections”. Click this button to start the switching process.
  2. After making the desired changes and pressing “Confirm selections”, move to the checkout to review and finalise the changes by completing the checkout process.

If case you’ve changed the order size, the new price will come into effect at the next renewal.

We wish you slurpably good coffee moments with your new subscription!

Updating Your Payment Card

An active payment card is required only for an active SLURP coffee subscription. Prepaid and gift subscriptions (fixed term) don’t require an active payment card, because they have been prepaid for the term and end automatically.

For each SLURP coffee experience you can use a different payment card (e.g. work and home). Therefore, the payment card needs to be updated for the subscription directly.

Updating the payment card for your SLURP coffee experience:

  1. If your subscription is active, press the button “Change Payment”. Otherwise, reactivate your subscription first.
  2. You are taken to a summary page. At the bottom you can see the payment cards you have used before.
  3. If you want to use a new card, select “Use a new Credit Card”. You will be redirected to our payment processor PayEx’s page.
  4. Fill in the new card details and proceed.
  5. The new payment card has now been saved and the continuing arrival of most delicious artisan coffees is ensured. We wish you slurpably good coffee moments!

SLURP subscription Shipping and Billing Schedule


The SLURP subscriptions should slip into your postal box every two (or four) weeks. This year the delivery should fall on odd numbered weeks. In Finland they should arrive generally on Tuesdays, but sometimes a delay may occur due to the logistics service. Internationally the coffees are sent via a courier service and should not more than a week later the Finnish schedule.

For more information see our FAQ article regarding the shipping cycle.


The SLURP subscriptions are billed 14 days prior to the scheduled arrival of the coffee at your doorstep. After a successful payment, the coffees are roasted to order, thus ensuring perfect freshness.

However, the first coffee is delivered usually in a week (depending on your location) after which you will be synchronized to the general shipping schedule. Due to this, in some cases there may be even a three week gap between the first and second subscription coffees (if you choose every four weeks delivery, there may be a five week gap at most).

For more information, see our FAQ article for the billing cycle.