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Light-medium roast


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Light-medium roast coffee is a roast that is slightly more advanced than light roast coffee. At this roast, the acidity of the coffee starts to even out, giving it a softer character, but the roasted aroma of the dark roasts is not yet noticeable. The flavour offers the natural aromas of the coffee, so the berry, fruity and citrus notes are more pronounced.

At this roasting stage, the sugars in the coffee beans are just beginning to caramelise and the sensation is developing, but the flavours of origin are still strongly present in the taste. It has been said that third wave roasters prefer this roast. The third coffee wave that we are still living through focuses on the processing of beans, the differences between varieties and the background information of the coffee, while in the future coffee production may focus more and more on its chemical properties and details, as well as on the scientific side of production.