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Dark roast coffee is rounder than medium roast coffee and often has a more aromatic and fuller flavour. Dark-roasted coffees often have chocolate and nutty flavours from the roasting process, such as nougat and hazelnut. Dark roasts have a significantly reduced acidity compared to lighter roasts. However, even if the bean has been roasted for a longer period of time, it should not taste burnt or over-roasted, but should create a pleasant mouthfeel as the aromatic compounds are released. Dark roasted beans have a very glossy appearance. Particularly glossy beans have a rich roasted flavour that is well developed and smooth in taste.

Although roasting can bring out different notes in the coffee, the characteristics and flavours are already developed in the bean during the growth phase. This is why roasting alone cannot determine a particular flavour in coffee, but must take into account the growing area and its soil, the variety of coffee and how it has been processed. In other words, roasting the same bean can only enhance or detract from certain characteristics, so that the end result is the desired one.

It is said that those with a sensitive stomach should prefer a dark roast to a light one, as the strong acidity can irritate the stomach. If coffee gives you an upset stomach or heartburn, it’s worth at least trying to see if you notice a difference in your coffee consumption between roast levels, because at the end of the day, it’s all individual.