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Tea Suppliers

Tea Suppliers
13.12.2023 tildamaria.turunen

Tea Suppliers

Although SLURP focuses strongly on coffee, we also offer a high quality and diverse range of teas.

Slurp’s tea partners are mainly Théhuone and TeeMaa, but we also deliver tea from our partner roasters Paahtimo Papu and Café Nazca.

Read more about tea here.


Théhuone is a professional importer of quality teas and a Scandinavian, fresh and customer-oriented tea shop. The company was founded by sisters Nina and Nea in 2005.

We want to serve our customers well, answer their important questions and find them the right teas for the right moments. The teas that have found their way onto our shelves have earned their place. We are constantly looking for new and interesting teas to offer for tasting.

Our selection showcases the best of ThéHuone’s range of over 200 teas.


TeeMaa is one of the most professional tea houses in Northern Europe, focusing primarily on East Asian premium unflavoured teas, made in the Chinese gongfu style favoured by tea lovers.

Brewing tea is a passion for us and we want to spread this passion to our customers by brewing each tea in the best possible way. For many teas, this means the Chinese gongfu brewing style, where a large number of leaves are brewed in a relatively small amount of water. We also brew Japanese teas using traditional Japanese methods: gyokuro is brewed susuricha-style in a small amount of warm water and matcha is whisked into a thick foam.”

TeeMaa is the work of two people, Peng and Xinyuan. They came to Finland to study a decade ago and fell in love with both the country and its people. Since then, tea and the tea room have become their way of sharing their culture with everyone they meet at TeeMaa.

Ichi-go ichi-e“, let us cherish every moment we share together over tea.


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