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Coffea Diversa

Coffea Diversa
05.09.2022 Elina Viiala

Coffea Diversa

In August, we’re delighted to welcome back our very good friends from Manhattan Coffee Roasters in Rotterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

The coffee comes from Coffea Diversa project in South Pacific Costa Rica and it’s a hybrid washed Geisha variety 🇨🇷🌸

Farm: Coffea Diversa
Farmer: Gonzalo Hernandez
Location: Suchitan, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1200-1350 masl
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Hybrid Washed

Coffea Diversa does not call themselves a coffee plantation, they call it a coffee garden. This is because of their interest in more rare coffee varieties and cultivars such as Eugeinoides, Purpuracae, Erecta, Montecristo etc. Their approach is to get their hands in these coffees that distinctively differ from more usual Coffea Arabica’s mutations from Bourbon and Typica traits. These more common varieties all come from common ancestors and because they’ve been cultivated and cross-bred for so long, the genome is actually quite narrow. There’s a huge potential in for example the coffee varieties that grow in Yemen and other early regions and that’s what Coffea Diversa wants to explore – pretty cool huh!

This Geisha is from the stock that predates the Panamanian Geisha so although it’s called similarly Geisha, they’re genetically different. Thanks to the persistence and unique approach of Gonzalo Hernandez, we have a chance to taste this coffee!

The ripe coffee cherries were fermented anaerobically for 48 hours due to request of the roaster Ben Morrow and only then pulped and washed like fully washed coffee – hence the “hybrid”. This results in super clean and clear cup of coffee with complex floral notes & a hint of citrus.

Expect notes of: orange, cherry blossom & key lime pie

Roaster greetings:

“Here at Manhattan coffee roasters we tend to focus on maximizing the solubility of a coffee without bringing any roast taint to the end product. There’s a few ways to do this but in essence it can only be done with a very high rate of rise spike at the beginning of a roast to achieve a cell expansion that would be far greater than a traditional roast.
This coffee is so ridiculous that there’s no real need to apply a different approach to it than any of our other products.“

-Ben Morrow, Roaster & Co-Founder



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